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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 101

Warszawa 1978

Spis treści

C. Belna
M. Evans
P. Humke
Most directional cluster sets have common values1-10
M. CrabbéAmbiguity and stratification11-17
R. Schori
D. Curtis
Hyperspaces of Peano continua are Hubert cubes19-38
J. Girolo
H. DeKleine
A degree theory for almost continuous functions39-52
A. WieczorekOrdering probabilities on an ordered measurable space53-78
J. KrasinkiewiczShape properties of hyperspaces79-91
H. ToruńczykConcerning locally homotopy negligible sets and characterization of l2-manifolds93-110
Z. ČerinHubert cube modulo an arc111-119
H. NonasStronger topologies preserving the class of continuous functions121-127
D. BellamyIndecomposable continua with one and two composants129-134
P. FlorEine Bemerkung über lokalkompakte abelsche Gruppen135-136
D. Simson
A. Skowroński
On the category of commutative connected graded Hopf algebras over a perfect field137-149
E. Vought
E. Grace
Semi-confluent and weakly confluent images of tree-like and atriodic continua151-158
F. MasatA generalization of right simple semigroups159-170
Л. Гурневичи
Г. Скордев
О совпадении непрерывных отображений171-180
C. TuckerRepresentation of Baire functions as continuous functions181-188
W. IngramConcerning atriodic tree-like continua189-193
D. Addis
J. Gresham
A class of infinite-dimensional spaces. Part I: Dimension theory and Alexandrof's problem195-205
M. Artigue
E. Isambert
M. Perrin
A. Zalc
Some remarks on bicommutability207-226
W. MarekSome comments on the paper by Artigue, Isambert, Perrin and Zalc227-228
W. Fleissner
K. Kunen
Barely Baire spaces229-240
W. Mitchell Absolute suspensions and cones241-244

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