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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 38

Warszawa 1951

Spis treści

W. SierpińskiSur quelques propositions concernant la puissance du continu1-13
C. KuratowskiSur une caraetérisation des alephs14-17
R. SikorskiA Characterization of Alephs18-22
J. BlauThe Space of Measures on a Given Set23-34
L. RiegerOn Free hks-complete Boolean Algebras35-52
R. SikorskiA Note to Rieger's Paper „On Free hks-complete Boolean Algebras"53-54
K. BorsukConcerning the Cartesian product of Cantor-manifolds55-72
M. KatětovMeasures in Fully Normal Spaces73-84
M. KatětovOn Real-Valued Functions in Topological Spaces85-91
R. SikorskiOn Isomorphism Types of Measure Algebras92-98
H. RasiowaAlgebraic Treatment of the Functional Calculi of Heyting and Lewis99-126
R. FullertonA Characterization of L Spaces127-136
A. GrzegorczykUndecidability of Some Topological Theories137-152
R. SikorskiDimension Theory in Closure Algebras153-166
M. GindiferOn Generalized Spheres167-178
T. GaneaSimply connected spaces179-203
W. SierpińskiSur les fonctions continues d'une variable ordinale204-208
L. RiegerSome Remarks on Automorphisms in Boolean Algebras209-216
E. MarczewskiMeasures in Almost Independent Fields217-229
R. Sikorski
H. Rasiowa
A proof of the Skolem-Löwenheim Theorem230-232
C. Ryll-Nardzewski
J. Łoś
On the application of Tychonoff's theorem in mathematical proofs233-237
. Correction to the paper "Some Impredicative Definitions in the Axiomatic Set-Theory" by Andrzej Mostowski (Fund. Math. 37, 1950, p. 118)238-238
. Correction au travail "Sur les sommes d'un nombre fini de nombres ordinaux" de A. Wakulicz (Fund. Math. 36, p. 259)239-239

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