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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 39

Warszawa 1952

Spis treści

W. SierpińskiSur les types ordinaux dont tous les vrais restes sont égaux1-7
H. RasiowaA proof of the compactness theorem for arithmetical classes8-14
C. Kuratowski
C. Zarankiewicz
Sur un problème concernant les coupures des regions par les continus15-24
K. BorsukConcerning the homological structure of the functional space25-37
M. NosarzewskaOn Uniform Convergence in some classes of functions38-52
J. NovákOn partition of an ordered continuum53-64
N. AronszajnCharacterisation of types of order satisfying a0+a1= a1+a065-96
M. NovotnýSur la representation des ensembles ordonnés97-102
G. KreiselOn the concepts of completeness and interpretation of formal systems103-127
S. StraszewiczSur les directions singulières par rapport à un ensemble de points128-130
S. GinsburgOn the distinct sums of l-type transfinite series131-132
A. MostowskiModels of axiomatic systems133-158
K. Borsuk
J. Jaworowski
On labil and stabil points159-175
S. GinsburgSome remarks on a relation between sets and elements176-178
W. EstA generalization of a theoremof Miss Anna Mullikin179-188
H. FreudenthalEnden und Primenden189-210
R. SikorskiProducts of abstract algebras211-228
S. MazurOn Continuous Mappings on Cartesian Products229-238
C. Ryll-NardzewskiThe role of the axiom of induction in elementary arithmetic239-263
R. BottOn the third symmetric potency of S1264-268
M. Morse
J. Jenkins
The existence of pseudoconjugates269-287
. Errata to the paper "Simply connected spaces" by Tudor Ganea (Fund. Math. 38, 1951, 179-203)288-288

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