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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 44

Warszawa 1957

Spis treści

A. MostowskiL'oeuvre scientifique de Jan Łukasiewicz dans le domaine de la logique mathématique1-11
A. MostowskiOn a generalization of quantifiers12-36
A. MostowskiOn computable sequences37-51
J. Łoś
R. Suszko
On the extending of models (IV)52-60
A. GrzegorczykOn the definitions of computable real continuous functions61-71
A. Białynicki-BirulaOn the topological structure of infinite Galois groups72-74
E. StrausOn a problem of W. Sierpiński on the congruence of sets75-81
J. ŁośRemarks on Henkin's paper: Boolean representation trough, propositional calculus82-83
J. ŁośAbelian groups that are direct summands of every abelian group which contains them as pure subgroups84-90
S. BalcerzykOn algebraically compact groups of I. Kaplansky91-93
J. LipińskiSur certains problèmes de Choquet et de Zahorski concernant les fonctions dérivées94-102
J. RavetzDerivate planes of continuous functions of two real variables103-114
H. GriffithsBorel sets and countable series of operations115-155
A. HulanickiOn locally compact topological groups of power of continuum156-158
A. ГрaнacK тeopии кoгoмотопичеcкиx гpyпп Бopcyкa159-164
R. MolskiOn symmetric products165-170
Y. KodamaOn homotopically stable points and product spaces171-185
S. MrówkaRecursive families of sets186-191
A. HulanickiAlgebraic characterization of abelian divisible groups which admit compact topologies192-197
T. RadóLebesgue area and Hausdorff measure198-237
O. HàjekNote sur la mesurabilité B de la dérivée supérieure238-239
A. EhrenfeuchtOn theories categorical in power241-248
B. BanaschewskiOn the Weierstrass-Stone approximation theorem249-252
K. UrbanikOn the limiting probability distribution on a compact topological group253-261
W. Wen-tsünOn the relations between Smith operations and Steenrod powers262-269
W. OrliczContribution to the theory of Saks spaces270-294
J. Mycielski
S. Balcerzyk
On the method of category in analytic manifolds295-299
J. MycielskiOn the extension of equalities in connected topological groups300-302
J. Mycielski
S. Balcerzyk
On the existence of free subgroups in topological groups303-308
A. RobinsonSome problems of definability in the lower predicate calculus309-329
F. SzászNote on rings in which every proper left-ideal is cyclic330-332
H. RasiowaErrata to the paper "On the ε-theorems" (Fund. Math. 43, p. 156-165)333-333

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