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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 45

Warszawa 1958

Spis treści

L. GillmanRings with Hausdorff structure space1-16
C. KohlsThe space of prime ideals of a ring17-27
C. KohlsIdeals in rings of continuous functions28-50
A. LelekSur l'unicohérence, les homéomorphies locales et les continus irréductibles51-63
L. MišikDer Mittelwertsatz für additive Intervallfunktionen64-70
S. Hartman
A. Hulanicki
Les sous-groupes purs et leurs duals71-77
A. GroetzInvariante Metriken in homogenen Räumen78-83
K. Borsuk
R. Molski
On a class of continuous mappings84-98
W. ŻelazkoOn the divisors of zero of the group algebra99-102
M. Hamstrom
E. Dyer
Completely regular mappings103-118
J. JaworowskiOn simple regular mappings119-129
J. WeierÜber dimensionale Verschiebung130-137
I. BersteinOn the factorizability of maps of Sc into Sn138-142
J. NagataNote on dimension theory for metric spaces143-181
S. SteinContinuous choise functions and convexity182-185
B. Knaster
A. Lelek
Coutures et tapis200-212
R. SikorskiSome applications of interior mappings213-216
S. ŚwierczkowskiOn some equation in transfinite ordinals217-227
Y. KodamaOn a closed mapping between ANR's228-236
A. KirkorWild 0-dimensional sets and the fundamental group237-246
S. MrówkaOn the convergence of nets of sets247-253
A. Białynicki-BirulaOn the spaces of ideals of semirings254-260
J. LipińskiSur les ensembles {f'(x)> a}261-272
J. JaworowskiSome consequences of the Vietoris Mapping Theorem273-282
S. MrówkaOn function spaces283-291
J. Mycielski
S. Świerczkowski
On free groups of motions and decompositions of the Euclidean space286-199
J. MycielskiAbout sets with strange isometrical properties (II)292-295
J. MycielskiAbout sets invariant with respect to denumerable changes296-305
B. Knaster
J. Mioduszewski
Division des régions partielles par les frontières et des frontières par les points306-313
J. MioduszewskiSur l'accessibilité des points d'ensembles fermés dans les espaces euclidiens314-319
G. WhyburnTopological characterization of the Sierpiński curve320-324
T. Radó
E. Mickle
On covering theorems325-331
E. StrausOn Sierpiński sets in groups332-333
G. Kreisel
H. Wang
Applications of formalized consistency proofs II334-335
. Errata336-336

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