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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 46

Warszawa 1958

Spis treści

. Errata
M. LévyThe independence of various definitions of finiteness1-13
M. RudinA connected subset of the plane15-24
M. CurtisA note on Kosiński's r-spaces25-27
S. MardešićEquivalence of singular and Ćech homology for ANR-s. Application to unicoherence29-45
A. KosińskiOn a problem of Steinhaus47-59
H. Rasiowac-lattices and constructive logic with strong negation61-80
S. MrówkaFunctional on uniformly closed rings of continuous functions81-87
K. MengerRates of change and derivatives89-102
H. KowalskyKennzeichnung von Bogen103-107
S. HuContinuous associative multiplications in locally triangulable spaces109-115
W. SierpińskiSur un théorème de S. Saks concernant les suites infimes de fonctions continues117-121
. Errata122-122
J. AddisonSeparation principles in the hierarchies of classical and effective descriptive set theory123-135
Г. ФастПлощадь обобщенного круга как функция его радиуса (I)137-146
Г. ФастПлощадь обобщенного круга как функция его радиуса (II)147-163
S. MrówkaTwo remarks on my paper: "On the ideals' extension theorem audits equivalence to the axiom of choice"165-166
L. FuchsNote on ordered groups and rings167-174
R. DudaSur le prolongement des homéomorphies175-186
S. ŚwierczkowskiOn successive settings of an arc on the circumference of a circle187-189
W. SierpińskiSur un problème de H. Steinhaus concernant les ensembles de points sur le plan191-194
Á. Császár
S. Mrówka
Sur la compactification des espaces de proximité195-207
V. VaradarajanOn a theorem of F. Riesz concerning the form of linear functionals209-220
F. Sunyer
F. Balaguer
Sur les types d'ordre? distincts dont les c-ièmes puissances sont équivalentes221-224
B. BanaschewskiOn transfinite iteration225-229
P. NewmanOn a theorem of Urbanik231-234
J. PoprużenkoSur la vitesse de la croissance des suites infinies d'entiers positifs I (Echelle des vitesses)235-242
W. SłowikowskiA theory of extensions of map-systems I243-275
K. UrbanikOn the isomorphism of Haar measures277-284
D. BourginDeformation and mapping theorems285-303
S. TaylorOn "strengthening the Lebesgue Density Theorem305-315
A. HulanickiOn the topological structure of 0 - dimensional topological groups317-320
K. BorsukConcerning the classification of topological spaces from the stand point of the theory of retracts321-330
K. SiekluckiOn a family of power c consisting of 9î-uncomparable dendrites331-335
J. AddisonSome consequences of the axiom of constractibility337-357
J. JaworowskiA note of correction to the paper "Some consequences of the Vietoris Mapping Theorem"359-359
R. DudaReconnaissance de priorité360-360

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