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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 48

Warszawa 1959

Spis treści

. Errata
J. NagataOn the countable sum of zero-dimensional metric spaces1-14
J. YoungloveConcerning dense metric subspaces of certain non-metric spaces15-25
J. HorneSome multiplicative aspects of ideal structure theory27-55
R. Sikorski
H. Rasiowa
On the Gentzen theorem59-69
J. PoprużenkoSur la vitesse de la croissance des suites infinies d'entiers positifs II. Espace des vitesses71-78
W. SłowikowskiAn abstract form of the measure theoretic method of exhaustion79-84
G. LedererA problem on Baire classes85-89
R. SikorskiDistributivity and representability91-103
C. Goffman
E. Zink
Concerning the measurable boundaries of a real function105-111
J. Łoś
R. Suszko
J. Słomiński
On extending of models V. Embedding theorems for relational models113-121
S. MrówkaAxiomatic characterization of the family of all clusters in a proximity space123-126
C. Goffman
D. Waterman
On upper and lower limits in measure127-133
E. MarczewskiIndependence in algebras of sets and Boolean algebras135-145
K. UrbanikA representation theorem for Marczewski's algebras147-167
S. TaylorAn alternative form of Egoroff's theorem169-174
A. Zygmund
M. Weiss
On the existence of conjugate functions of higher order175-187
A. GranasOn the disconnection of Banach spaces189-200
S. LeaderOn completion of proximity spaces by local clusters201-216
K. SiekluckiOn superposition of simple mappings217-228
M. CartwrightSome decomposition theorems for certain invariant continua and their minimal sets229-250
J. Groot
R. McDowell
Extension of mappings on metric spaces251-263
W. MahavierRates of change and functional relations265-269
M. FortExtension of the set on which mappings into Sn are homotopic271-276
L. BelowskaResolution d'un problème de M. Z. Zahorski sur les limites approximatives277-286
J. JarońOn the extensibility of mappings, their local properties and some of their connections with the dimension theory287-305
H. FreudenthalBündige Räume307-312
C. SpectorHyperarithmetical quantifiers313-320
R. EngelkingSur la compactification des espaces métriques321-324
J. SłomińskiOn the determining of the form of congruences in abstract algebras with equationally definable constant elements325-341
I. IqbalunnisaNeutral ideals and congruences343-353
B. GleichgewichtOn a class of rings355-359
S. Świerczkowski
A. Sands
Decomposition of the line in isometric three-point sets361-362
A. MatysiakSur les limites approximatives363-366

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