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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 49

Warszawa 1960

Spis treści

A. LévyPrinciples of reflection in axiomatic set theory1-10
C. ChangMaximal n-disjointed sets and the axiom of choice11-14
S. Świerczkowski
A. Macbeath
Measures in homogeneous spaces15-24
V. KleeMappings into normed linear spaces25-34
S. FefermanArithmetization of metamathematics in a general setting35-92
S. ŚwierczkowskiAlgebras which are independently generated by every n elements93-104
R. LehmanOn primitive recursive real numbers105-118
V. Varadarajan
R. Ranga Rao
On the decomposition of Haar measure in compact groups119-127
A. EhrenfeuchtAn application of games to the completeness problem for formalized theories129-141
H. CorsonCollections of convex sets which cover a Banach space143-145
L. FleischerEmbedding linearly ordered sets in real lexicographic products147-150
W. SierpińskiSur les familles d'ensembles infinis de nombres naturels151-155
J. OxtobyCartesian products of Baire spaces157-166
W. SierpińskiSur une problème de la logique à n valeurs167-170
J. ShoenfieldUndecidable and creative theories171-179
S. AbianA nowhere differentiable and except on a denumerable set everywhere continuous fonction181-182
A. Lelek
W. Nitka
On convex metric spaces I183-204
A. MostowskiA generalization of the incompleteness theorem205-232
R. HunterNote on arcs in semigroups233-245
K. UrbanikAbsolute-valued algebra« with an involution247-258
A. MostowskiNilpotent free groups259-269
J. ŚladkowskaSur l'ensemble des points de divergence des séries de Fourier des fonctions continues271-294
J. Mycielski
A. Lelek
Some conditions for a mapping to be a covering295-300
A. LelekOn plane deudroids and their end points in the classical sense301-319
K. BorsukDependence of mappings and equivalence of sets321-336

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