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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 50

Warszawa 1961

Spis treści

. Index alphabétique des tomes XLI-L (1954-1962)
V. PoénaruSur la cohomologie des cochaines singulières invariantes sur un groupe topologique compact et connexe1-12
A. BesicovitchMetric property of linear sets13-20
B. BanaschewskiOrderable spaces21-34
S. ŚwierczkowskiOn isomorphic free algebras35-44
E. MarczewskiIndependence and homomorphisms in abstract algebras45-61
J. Mycielski
S. Balcerzyk
On faithful representations of free products of groups63-71
M. Henriksen
D. Johnson
On the structure of a class of archimedean lattice-ordered algebras73-94
E. HewittA note on 0 - dimensional compact groups95-97
A. WallaceAcyclicity of compact connected semigroups99-105
J. Isbell
M. Henriksen
D. Johnson
Residue class fields of lattice-ordered algebras107-117
R. WilderA converse of a theorem of E. H. Bing and its generalization119-122
A. HajnalProof of a conjecture of B. Ruziewicz123-128
W. SzmielewA new analytic approach to hyperbolic geometry129-158
L. WardCharacterization of the fixed point property for a class of set-valued mappings159-164
A. MostowskiAxiomatizability of some many valued predicate calculi .165-190
K. SiekluckiThe family of dendrites K-orderod similarly to the segment191-193
K. BorsukRemarks on the homotopic join of maps195-206
P. Hilton
B. Eckman
Structure maps in group theory207-221
K. MoritaParacompactness and product spaces223-236
J. SegalA fixed point theorem for the hyperspace of a snake-like continuum237-248
Á. CsászárSur la représentation topologique des graphes249-256
J. JaworowskiSome remarks on Borsuk generalized cohomotopy groups257-264
T. Ganea
I. Berstein
The category of a map and of a cohomology class265-279
S. KleeneLambda-definable functionals of finite types281-303
G. WhyburnDevelopments in topological analysis305-318
M. MorseSchoenflies problems319-332
W. NarkiewiczIndependence in a certain class of abstract algebras333-340
R. Koch
L. McAuley
Semigroups on trees341-346
S. BalcerzykOn groups of functions defined on Boolean algebras347-367
М. КатетовXарактеры и типы точечных множеств369-380
S. GołąbLa relation d'équivalence et les objets géométriques381-386
M. KuczmaOn the functional equation f(x + y) — f(x) + f (y)387-391
J. JaworowskiGeneralized cohomotopy groups as limit groups393-402
A. MostowskiOn automorphisms of relatively free groups403-411
J. NovákOn the classification of s(B)-measurable functions defined on an, abstract point set413-418
В. Пoномapeв
П. Александров
O диaдичecкиx бикомпaктax419-429
R. BingPoint-like decompositions of Es431-453
A. RobinsonA note on embedding problems455-461
F. PrevialeOn the order of the points of the n - dimensional Euclidean space463-473
A. LévyAxioms of multiple choice475-483
J. SchmitdEinige algebraische Äquivalente zum Auswahlaxiom485-496
J. CharatonikRemarque à un travail de Z. Waraszkiewicz497-500
L. JamesSuspension of transgression501-507
A. LelekA property of accessible pointa509-914
C. Kuratowski
S. Eilenberg
A remark on dality515-517
C. Kuratowski
R. Engelking
Quelques théorèmes de l'Algèbre de Boole et leurs applications topologiques519-535
H. FreudenthalDie Fundamentalgruppe der Mannigfaltigkeit der Tangentialrichtungen einer geschlossenen Fläche537-539

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