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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 51

Warszawa 1962

Spis treści

M. BleicherComplementation of independent subsets and subspaces of generalized vector spaces1-7
E. ThorpGeneralized topologies for statistical metric spaces9-21
R. DudaOn convex metric spaces III23-33
Я. ЛипинскийО множествах точек сходимости последовательстти непрерывных функций к бесконечности35-43
C. Lekkeikerker
J. Boland
Representation of a finite graph by a set of intervals on the real line45-64
D. ZarembaSur l'enfilage et la fixation des ensembles compacts65-80
A. Lelek
D. Zaremba
Dimensions of irreducible continua and fixations of components in compact spaces81-86
A. LelekFixations of sets in Euclidean spaces87-109
A. HulanickiInvariant extensions of the Lebesgue measure111-115
P. Erdös
A. Hajnal
On a classification of denumerable order types and an application to the partition calculus117-129
K. UrbanikReversibility in absolute-valued algebras131-140
C. Chang
A. Ehrenfeucht
A characterization of abelian groups141-147
S. BalcerzykOn classes of abelian groups149-178
J. MioduszewskiA functional conception of snake-like continua179-189
J. StallingsOn the recursiveness of sets of presentations of 3-manifold groups191-194
T. Frayne
A. Morel
D. Scott
Reduced direct products195-228
J. CharatonikOn ramification points in the classical sense229-252
C. Chang
A. Horn
On the representation of a-complete lattices253-258
A. HornOn a-homomorphic images of a-rings of sets259-266
J. AczélRemarques sur les relations d'équivalence267-269
A. LelekOn weakly chainable continua271-282
K. BorsukOn a family of 2-dimensional AR-sets283-297

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