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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 52

Warszawa 1963

Spis treści

T. ŚwiątkowskiSur la transformation d'une fonction mesurable en une fonction sommable1-13
H. PatkowskaOn the decomposition of 2-dimensional ANR-s into a Cartesian product13-23
Z. SemadeniFunctions with sets of points of discontinuity belonging to a fixed ideal25-39
S. ŚwierczkowskiOn the independence of continuous functions41-58
K. GargOn level sets of a continuous nowhere monotone function59-68
R. HunterOn the structure of homogroups with applications to the theory of compact connected semigroups69-102
H. Hofmann
F. Wright
Pointwise periodic groups103-122
P. ZvengrowskiPerfect transfinite numbers123-128
B. ScarpelliniEine Anwendung der unendlichwertigen Logik auf topologische Räume129-150
D. Monk
A. Daigenault
Representation theory for polyadic algebras151-176
H. KeislerA complete first-order logic with infinitary predicates177-203
A. FineAbstract covering theorems205-207
H. BotheEine Einbettung m-dimensionaler Mengen in einen (m+ 1)- dimensionalen absoluten Retrakt209-224
A. LelekSome mappings of ANR-sets225-233
O. Njastad
E. Alfsen
Proximity and generalized uniformity235-252
O. Njastad
E. Alfsen
Totality of uniform structures with linearly ordered base253-256
А. АрхангельскийО рангах систем множеств и размерности пространств257-275
R. DaviesThe power of the continuum and some propositions of plane geometry277-281
M. KuczmaA characterization of the exponential and logarithmic functions by functional equations283-288
W. NarkiewiczA note on v*-algebras289-290
K. UrbanikA representation theorem for v*-algebras291-317
P. MostertContinua meeting an orbit at a point319-321
L. HenkinA theory of prepositional types323-344
P. AndrewsA reduction of the axioms for the theory of prepositional types345-350
В. ПoномapeвО диадических пространствах351-354

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