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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 53

Warszawa 1964

Spis treści

C. KnightWeak products of spaces and complexes1-12
J. PoprużenkoSur une propriété des ensembles partiellement ordonnés13-19
H. CookConcerning connected and dense subsets of indecomposable continua21-23
G. GrätzerA theorem on doubly transitive permutation groups with application to universal algebras25-41
J. IsbellTwo set-theoretical theorems in categories43-49
J. PoprużenkoSur un théoréme de W. Sierpinski51-53
E. HewittA remark on characters of locally compact Abelian groups55-64
R. Engelking
E. Sklyarenko
On compactifications allowing extensions of mappings65-79
E. HarzheimDualzerlegungen in totalgeordneten Mengen81-91
A. BednarekOn the Mickle-Rado covering theorems93-97
R. SikorskiOn extensions and products of Boolean algebras99-116
T. Frayne
A. Morel
D. Scott
Correction to the paper "Reduced direct products"117-117
L. HenkinErrata to the paper "A theory of propositional types" by L. Henkin Fundamenta Mathematicae 52 (1963), p. 323-344119-119
R. GosselinOn the approximation of Lp functions by trigonometric polynomials121-134
A. Białynicki-BirulaOn Vietoris mapping theorem and its inverse135-145
V. DevidéOn monotonous mappings of complete lattices147-154
E. HarzheimMehrfach wohlgeordnete Mengen und eine Verschärfung eines Satzes von Lindenbaum155-172
A. HaddockRotation groups under monotone transformations173-175
K. Golema
A. Hulanicki
The structure of the factor group of the unrestricted sum by the restricted sum of Abelian groups II177-185
J. CharatonikTwo invariants under continuity and the ineomparability of fans187-204
J. MycielskiOn the axiom of determinateness205-224
A. Tarski
H. Keisler
From accessible to inaccessible cardinals (Results holding for all accessible cardinal numbers and the problem of their extension to inaccessible ones)225-308
W. HanfIncompactness in languages with infinitely long expressions309-324
W. HanfOn a problem of Erdös and Tarski325-334
D. Scott
D. Monk
Additions to some results of Erdös and Tarski335-343
B. ScarpelliniErrata zur Arbeit "Eine Anwendung der unendlichwertigen Logik auf topologiche Räume" (Fundamenta Mathematicae 52 (1963), S. 129-150)345-345

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