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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 54

Warszawa 1964

Spis treści

R. WestwickOn uniform sets in a complete separable metric space1-6
F. Harary
Y. Kodama
On the genus of an n-connected graph7-13
P. Doyle
J. Hocking
R. Osborne
Local invertibility15-25
A. GrzegorczykA note on the theory of propositional types27-29
H. LäuchliThe independence of the ordering principle from a restricted axiom of choice31-43
A. HalesOn the non-existence of free complete Boolean algebras45-66
J. Mycielski
S. Świerczkowski
On the Lebesgue measurability and the axiom of determinateness67-71
A. GrzegorczykRecursive objects in all finite types73-93
M. BleicherSome theorems on vector spaces and the axiom of choice95-107
A. HajnalRemarks on the theorem of W. P. Hanf109-113
W. NarkiewiczOn a certain class of abstract algebras115-124
D. KentConvergence functions and their related topologies125-133
A. LévyThe interdependence of certain consequences of the axiom of choice135-157
K. Borsuk
R. Bing
A 3-dimensional absolute retract which does not contain any disk159-175
K. GębaAlgebraic topology methods in the theory of compact fields in Banach spaces177-209
C. EhresmannSous-structures et catégories ordonnées211-228
H. GaifmanInfinite Boolean polynomials I229-250
H. BotheEin eindimensionales Kompaktum in E3, das sich nicht lagetreu in die Mengersche Universalkurve einbetten läβt251-258
M. SlaterOn a class of order-type generalizing ordinals259-277
A. MorelOrdering relations admitting automorphisms279-284
L. Fuchs
I. Halperin
On the imbedding of a regular ring in a regular ring with identity285-290
G. FuhrkenSkolem-type normal forms for first-order languages with a generalized quantifier291-302
R. VaughtThe completeness of logic with the added quantifier "there are uncountable many"303-304
J. StaniszewskaSur l'ensemble des points de divergence des séries entières continues sur la circonférence du cercle de convergence305-324
J. Roberts
L. King
G. Rosenstein
Concerning some problems raised by A. Lelek325-334
J. MilnorMost knots are wild335-338

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