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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 55

Warszawa 1964

Spis treści

. Errata
A. DelenauOn a certain result of Leray1-9
H. CookOn the most general plane closed point set through which it is possible to pass a pseudo-arc11-22
E. Andalafte
L. Blumenthal
Metric characterizations of Banach and Euclidean spaces23-55
J. HalperinThe independence of the axiom of choice from the Boolean prime ideal theorem57-66
A. HayesSequentially pointwise continuous linear functionals67-75
M. KuczmaSur une équation aux différences finies et une caractérisation fonetionnelle des polynômes77-86
J. CederOn maximally resolvable spaces87-93
J. DennyA continuous real-valued function on En almost everywhere 1-195-99
W. Shu-tangRemarks on om-additive spaces101-112
B. BanaschewskiOn lattice-ordered groups113-122
J. SchmitdSome properties of algebraically independent sets in algebras with infinitary operations123-137
J. MycielskiIndependent sets in topological algebras139-147
A. GoetzOn induced connections149-174
R. Bing
A. Kirkor
An arc is tame in 3-space if and only if it is strongly cellular175-180
J. NagataOn a special metric and dimension181-194
R. DudaMappings on spheres195-197
A. LelekDisjoint mappings and the span of spaces199-214
Y. MoschovakisRecursive metric spaces215-238
W. LuxemburgA remark on Sikorski's extension theorem for homomorphisms in the theory of Boolean algebras239-247
A. Tarski
C. Chang
B. Jónsson
Refinement properties for relational structures249-281
W. Comfort
K. Ross
Topologies induced by groups of characters283-291
S. BalcerzykThe global dimension of the group rings of abelian groups293-301
R. EngelkingRemarks on real-compact spaces303-308

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