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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 56

Warszawa 1964

Spis treści

R. Koch
L. McAuley
Semigroups on continua ruled by arcs1-8
V. NovákOn the lexicographic dimension of linearly ordered sets9-20
P. Swingle
R. Dickamn
R. Kelley
L. Rubin
Semigroups and clusters of indecomposability21-33
D. MaharamIncompressible transformations35-50
J. KempermanOn products of sets in a locally compact group51-68
S. KinoshitaOn quasi-translations in 3-space69-79
E. MarczewskiHomogeneous operations and homogeneous algebras81-103
H. JungZum Bernsteinschen Äquivalenzsatz105-106
W. ZawadowskiOn regular extensions of operator systems.107-113
W. SierpińskiSur les families d'ensembles infinis des nombres naturels115-116
D. ScottInvariant Borel sets117-128
C. Ryll-NardzewskiOn Borel measurability of orbits129-130
J. MioduszewskiEverywhere oscillating functions, extension of the uniformization and homogeneity of the pseudo-arc131-155
K. LelandTopological analysis of analytic functions157-182
R. Hunter
L. Anderson
Sur les demi-groupes compacts et connexes183-187
R. RobinsonPacking closed sets189-198
S. BalcerzykCorrection to "On classes of abelian groups"199-202
H. BotheUniversalmengen bezuglich der Lage im En203-212
J. CharatonikConfluent mappings and unicoherence of continua213-220
P. MostertA correction to my paper: "Continua meeting an orbit at a point"221-222
H. PickettSubdirect representations of relational systems223-240
K. RossClosed subgroups of locally compact Abelian groups241-244
R. KochConnected chains in quasi-ordered spaces245-249
C. BessagaOn topological classification of complete linear metric spaces250-288
E. RozyckiOn Egoroff's theorem289-293
D. BushawOn boundedness in uniform spaces295-300
G. YoungThe inversion of Peano continua by analytic functions301-311
M. Novotný
L. Skula
Über gewisse Topologien auf geordneten Mengen313-324
S. FefermanSome applications of the notions of forcing and generic sets325-345

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