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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 57

Warszawa 1965

Spis treści

R. AndersonQuasi-universal flows and semi-flows1-8
P. RemaLinear-compact congruence topologies in *-lattices9-24
R. DudaOn a singular plane continuum25-61
P. BaconCoincidences of real-valued maps from the n-torus63-89
R. HeathOn open mappings and certain spaces satisfying the first countability axiom91-96
J. HintikkaA closure and complement result for nested topologies97-106
S. FranklinSpaces in which sequences suffice107-115
H. GaifmanErrata to the paper "Infinite Boolean polynomials I" (Fundamenta Mathematicae 54 (1964), pp. 229-250)117-117
A. Tarski
H. Keisler
Corrections to the paper "From accessible to inaccessible cardinals" (Fundamenta Mathematicae 53 (1964) pp. 225-308)119-119
R. MolskiOn an irreducible absolute retract121-133
R. MolskiOn a family of AR-sets135-145
Н. КонстантиновДополнение самонакручивающейся плоской кривой147-171
J. RobertsZero-dimensional sets blocking connectivity functions173-179
I. IqbalunnisaOn some problems of G. Gratzer and E. T. Schmidt181-185
J. DugundjiLocally equiconnected spaces and absolute neighborhood retracts187-193
J. BolandEmbedding of graphs in the projective plane195-203
D. Zaremba-SzczepkowicOn orthogonal mappings and their dimensions205-213
K. UrbanikA representation theorem for two-dimensional v*- algebras215-236
S. Hildebrand
D. Sanderson
Connectivity functions and retracts237-245
M. BleicherMultiple choice axioms and axioms of choice for finite sets247-252
E. López-EscobarAn interpolation theorem for denumerably long formulas253-272
C. Ryll-NardzewskiOn a Freedman's problem273-274
R. Engelking
M. Karłowicz
Some theorems of set theory and their topological consequences275-285
R. EngelkingCartesian products and dyadic spaces287-304
H. HerrlichOrdnungsfähigkeit zusamnienhängender Räume305-311
M. MakkaiA compactness result concerning direct products of models313-325
K. UrbanikOn a class of universal algebras327-350

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