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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 58

Warszawa 1966

Spis treści

H. BotheZur Lage null- und eindimensionaler Punktmengen1-30
J. SegalGeneralized Fréchet varieties31-43
J. FordImbedding collections of compact 0 - dimensional subsets of Ea in continuous collections of mutually exclusive arcs45-57
J. DayMonotone relations which preserve arcs and acyclicity59-65
S. BalcerzykThe global dimension of the group rings of abelian groups II67-73
F. FilipczakSur les fonctions continues relativement monotones75-87
H. PatkowskaOn the uniqueness of the decomposition of finite-dimensional ANR-s into Cartesian products of at most l-dimensional spaces89-110
W. NarkiewiczCorrections to my paper "On a certain class of abstract algebras" (Fundamenta Mathematicae 54 (1964), pp. 115-124)111-111
A. NerodeCombinatorial series and recursive equivalence types113-141
W. Sierpiński
J. Mycielski
Sur une propriété des ensembles linéaires143-147
R. PurvesBimeasurable functions149-157
M. BerriThe complement of a topology of some topologioal groups159-162
B. Choczewski
M. Kuczma
On the "indeterminate case" in the theory of a linear functional equation163-175
L. GlaserDimension lowering monotone non-compact mappings of En177-181
J. CornetteConnectivity functions and images on Peano continua183-192
Z. SkupieńLocally Hamiltonian and planar graphs193-200
J. Groot
T. Nishiura
Inductive compactness as a generalization of semicompactness201-218
C. Kuratowski
M. Karłowicz
On relations between some algebraic and topological properties of lattices219-228
K. Menger
H. Whitlock
Two theorems on the generation of systems of functions229-240
E. EllentuckGeneralized idempotence in cardinal arithmetic241-258
А. МищенкоНесколько теорем о произведении топологических пространств258-284
А. МищенкоО равномерно замкнутых отображениях285-308
J. PłonkaDiagonal algebras309-322
S. WillardAbsolute Borel sets in their Stone-Čech compactifications323-333
A. HolmeA general theory of structure spaces335-347

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