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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 59

Warszawa 1966

Spis treści

W. Comfort
S. Negrepontis
Extending continuous functions on X xY to subsets of ßXxßY1-12
E. López-EscobarOn defining well-orderings13-21
A. SulińskiThe Brown-McCoy radical in categories23-41
W. KuperbergStable points of a polyhedron43-48
F. SmithA structure theory for a class of lattice ordered semirings49-64
A. SmajdorRegular iteration of functions with multiplier 165-69
A. Abian
D. Deever
A short proof of a strong version of Poprużenko's Theorem71-72
K. BorsukOn embedding curves in surfaces73-89
S. Chu
R. Moyer
On continuous functions, commuting functions, and fixed points91-95
I. IqbalunnisaOn types of lattices97-102
I. IqbalunnisaOn a Galois correspondence between the lattice of ideals and the lattice of congruences on a lattice L103-108
H. Läuchli
J. Leonard
On the elementary theory of linear order109-116
J. MartinA rigid sphere117-121
A. MostowskiOn the decidability of some problems in special classes of groups123-135
A. MostowskiComputational algorithms for deciding some problems for nilpotent groups137-152
M. GremignaniOn topologies for Fi153-157
H. PoppeEinige Bemerkungen über der Raum der abgeschlossenen Mengen159-169
H. SharpAutohomeomorphisms on En171-175
F. Bagemihl
J. McMillan
Characterization of the sets of angular and global convergence, and of the sets of angular and global limits, of functions in a half-plane177-187
T. ŚwiątkowskiOn the conditions of monotonicity of functions189-201
J. MycielskiOn the axiom of determinateness (II)203-212
J. DugundjiA duality property of nerves213-219
R. EngelkingOn functions defined on Cartesian products221-231
D. Monk
F. Sioson
m-Semigroups, semigroups, and function representations233-241
T. NishiuraInductive invariants and dimension theory243-262
K. UrbanikOn some numerical constants associated with abstract algebras263-288
B. WęglorzEquationally compact algebras (I)289-298
E. López-EscobarAn addition to "On defining well-orderings"299-300
I. IqbalunnisaCharacterizations of weakly modular lattices301-305
M. EisenbergExpansive automorphisms of finite-dimensional vector spaces307-312
M. EisenbergExpansive transformation semigroups of endomorphisms313-321
M. Fort
M. McCord
Approximation of maps of inverse limit spaces by induced maps323-329
M. McCordSingular homology of n-cell-like continua331-341

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