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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 60

Warszawa 1967

Spis treści

. Index alphabétique des tomes LI-LX (1962-1967)
E. GranirerOn Baire measures on D-topological spaces1-22
G. RousseauSequents in many valued logic I23-33
R. KnillCones, products and fixed points35-46
A. VobachOn subgroups of the homeomorphism group of the Cantor set47-52
W. MahavierUpper semi-continuous decompositions of irreducible continua53-57
F. FilipczakSur la structure de l'ensemble des points de discontinuité des fonctions qui admettent une dérivée aux points de continuité59-79
R. Bing
S. Armentrout
A toroidal decomposition of E381-87
B. WęglorzEquationally compact algebras (III)89-93
W. KuperbergOn compact metric space sequences, monotonie by r- domination95-104
S. LeaderSpectral structures and uniform continuity105-115
J. Auslander
F. Hahn
Point transitive flows, algebras of functions and the Bebutov system117-137
E. ThomasA classification of continua by certain cutting properties139-148
R. DukeOpen mappings of graphs and manifolds149-155
R. BrooksOn Wallman compactifications157-173
E. WolkPartially well ordered sets and partial ordinals175-186
B. SodnomovOn a property of sets of positive measure187-190
J. PłonkaOn distributive quad-lattices191-200
E. Andalafte
R. Freese
Existence of 2-segments in 2-metric spaces201-208
T. NeubrunnOn the equivalence of an exhaustion principle and the axiom of choice209-211
D. KentOn convergence groups and convergence uniformities213-222
A. GrzegorczykSome relational systems and the associated topological spaces223-231
H. CookUpper semi-continuous continuum-valued mappings onto circle like continua233-239
H. CookContinua which admit only the identity mapping onto non-degenerate subcontinua241-249
C. ChangCardinal factorization of finite relational structures251-269
H. BotheEin homogen-wilder Knoten271-283
Б. ПасынковОб универсальных бикомпактных и метрических пространствах данной размерности285-309

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