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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 61

Warszawa 1967

Spis treści

S. ArmentroutOn embedding decomposition spaces of En in En+11-21
E. Steiner
A. Steiner
Topologies with T1-complements23-28
S. KripkeAn extension of a theorem of Gaifman-Hales-Solvay29-32
P. Swingle
R. FitzGerald
Core decompositions of continua33-50
S. FranklinSpaces in which sequences suffice II51-56
C. WallOn bundles over a sphere with fibre Euclidean space57-72
F. BagemihlThe hypothesis 2N° < Kn and ambiguous points of planar functions73-77
H. HerrlichQuotienten geordneter Räume und Folgenkonvergenz79-81
R. HodelNote on metric-dependent dimension functions83-89
B. FitzpatrickOn subspaces of Moore spaces II91-92
E. López-EscobarA complete, infinitary axiomatization of weak second-order logic93-103
P. HiltonOn the homotopy type of compact polyhedra105-109
P. HiltonOn systems of interlocking exact sequences111-119
H. LambertToroidal decompositions of E8 which yield E8121-132
S. HildebrandA connected topology for the unit interval133-140
S. Kripke
M. Pour-El
Deduction-preserving "Recursive Isomorphisms" between theories141-163
J. MycielskiAlgebraic independence and measure165-169
J. Mycielski
A. Lelek
On convex metric spaces IV ....171-176
J. Cornette
J. Girolo
Connectivity retracts of finitely coherent Peano continua177-182
J. PłonkaOn a method of construction of abstract algebras183-189
J. PłonkaA representation theorem for idempotent medial algebras191-198
P. HiltonOn the Grothendieck group of compact polyhedra199-214
R. Gandy
G. Sacks
A minimal hyperdegree215-223
R. SherToroidal decompositions of Ea225-241
H. SayekiSome consequences of the normality of the space of models243-251
R. RaimiTranslation properties of finite partitions of the positive integers253-256
C. Ryll-NardzewskiRemark on Raimi's theorem on translations257-258
R. StevensMetrically generated probabilistic metric spaces259-269
C. Ryll-Nardzewski
J. Mycielski
Equationally compact algebras II271-281
E. HarzheimEin Satz der kombinatorischen Mengenlehre283-294
E. SteinerWallman spaces and compactifications295-304
C. EberhartA unique factorization theorem for countable products of circles305-308
T. WaltonA counter-example in dimension theory309-311
G. RousseauCorrection to the paper "Sequents in many valued logic I" (Fundamenta Mathematicae 60 (1967), pp. 23-33)313-313

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