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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 62

Warszawa 1968

Spis treści

J. Roberts
F. Slaughert
Metric dimension and equivalent metrics1-5
J. FerrierParacompacité et espaces uniformes7-30
R. DarstA universal null set which is not concentrated47-48
S. YoungPolynomial factors of light mappings on an arc49-52
P. SchnareMultiple complementation in the lattice of topologies53-59
G. UngarLight fiber maps61-45
D. HymanANR divisors and absolute neighborhood contractibility61-73
A. TroelstraOne-point compactifications of intuitionistic locally compact spaces75-93
D. KentA note on pretopologies95-100
H. PickettErrata for the paper "Subdirect representations of relational systems (Fundamenta Mathematica 56 (1964), pp. 223-240)101-101
R. DickamnUnified spaces and singular sets for mappings of locally compact spaces103-123
H. Leblanc
R. Thomason
Completeness theorems for some presupposition-free logics125-164
P. BurmeisterÜber die Mächtigkeiten und Unabhängigkeitsgrade der Basen freier Algebren I165-189
K. UrbanikOn some numerical constants associated with abstract algehras II191-210
G. Fodor
A. Máté
Disjoint systems over set ideals (On a generalization of the usual conception of almost disjoint set systems)211-222
K. BorsukConcerning homotopy properties of compacta223-254
E. WolkThe topology of a partially well ordered set255-264
R. DudaOn the hyperspace of subcontinua of a finite graph I265-286
R. AndenaesNote on metrization287-292
J. PłonkaOn distributive n-lattices and n-quasilattices293-300
J. PłonkaSome remarks on sums of direct systems of algebras301-308
J. Mycielski
C. Ryll-Nardzewski
Errata for the paper "Equationally compact algebras II" (Fundamenta Mathematica 61 (1968), pp. 271-281)309-309
. Errata310-310

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