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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 63

Warszawa 1968

Spis treści

C. HimmelbergPseudo-metrizability of quotient spaces1-6
E. EllentuckThe first order properties of Dedekind finite integers7-25
J. AartsCompleteness degree (A generalization of dimension)27-41
J. BryantEuclidean space modulo a cell43-51
P. NanzettaMaximal lattice-ordered algelbras of continuous functions53-75
R. SchoriHyperspaces and symmetric products of topological spaces77-88
S. GodlewskiSome remarks concerning the mappings of the inverse limit into an absolute neighborhood retract and its applications to cohomotopy groups89-93
W. ComfortA theorem of Stone-Čech type, and a theorem of Tychonoff type, without the axiom of choice; and their realcompact analogues97-110
D. WhitePlane sets with intersections of prescribed power111-135
S. Bank
G. Orland
A note on Rouché's theorem137-141
B. McAllisterA note on irreducible separation143-144
M. MandelkerPrime z-ideal structure of C (R)145-166
D. HendersonA lower bound for transfinite dimension167-173
W. McIntshAdjunction of locally equiconnected spaces175-192
W. IngramDecomposable circle-like continua193-198
Ю. СмирновУплотнения на бикомпакты и связь с бикомпактными расширениями и с ретракцией199-211
R. ClayNote on M. C. Gemignani's topological geometries213-214
N. GrayNote on a paper of Wojdysławski215-216
H. JungWolk über die Vergleichbarkeitsgraphen von ordnuagsteoretisehen Bäumen217-219
E. Steiner
A. Steiner
Compactifications as closures of graphs221-223
. Errata223-223
R. DudaOn the hyperspace of subcontinua of a finite graph, II225-255
K. SiekluckiOn a class of plane acyclic continua with the fixed point property257-278
V. KirinPost algehras as semantic bases of some many-valued logics279-294
R. DudaOn ordered topological spaces295-309
K. SigmonOn the existence of a mean on certain continua311-319
T. Muenzenherger
R. Smithson
Fixed points and proximate fixed points321-326
J. KisyńskiRemark on strongly additive set functions327-332

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