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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 65

Warszawa 1969

Spis treści

R. Baer
A. Schlette
Berandungen gruppentheoretischer Eigenschaften1-22
H. Griffith
L. Howell
Strongly cellular cells in E3 are tame23-32
E. Ellentuck
R. Bumby
Finitely additive measures and the first digit problem33-42
C. EberhartMetrizability of trees43-50
R. Daverman
W. Eaton
A dense set of sewings of two crumpled cubes yields S351-60
R. PadmanabhanA note on inverse binary operation in abelian groups61-63
J. LawsonA generalized version of the Vietoris-Begle Theorem65-72
J. KeeslingOpen and closed mappings and compactification73-81
A. Mostowski
Y. Suzuki
On o-models which are not b-models83-93
A. Tarski
J. Doner
An extended arithmetic of ordinal numbers95-127
J. GresserThe range of a planar function with ambiguous points129-132
J. Aarts
J. Bryant
On countable multiple point compactifications133-137
W. TaylorAtomic compactness and graph theory139-145
R. OsborneEmbedding Cantor sets in a manifold, II. An extension theorem for homeomorphisms on Cantor seta147-151
L. NachmanOn a conjecture of Leader153-155
P. GrilletMaximal chains and antichains157-167
K. NagamiS-spaces169-192
R. ChandlerA generalized contradiction principle193-195
D. KentConvergence quotient maps197-205
. Errata206-206
A. SzankowskiMultiplicative extension operators and locally connected continua207-217
R. BalbesA note on distributive sublattices of a modular lattice219-222
G. Chartrand
H. Kronk
D. Lick
Randomly hamiltonian disgraphs223-226
A. Rubin
J. Rubin
Extended operations and relations on the class of ordinal numbers227-242
P. RibenboinBoolean powers243-268
M. HarrisGeneralized group homology269-288
H. PatkowskaSome theorems on the embeddability of ANR-spaces into Euclidean spaces289-308
M. Rajagopalan
T. Soundararajan
Structure of self dual torsion free metric LCA groups309-316
F. Stevenson
W. Thorn
Results on om-metric spaces317-324
K. SiekluckiRealization of mappings325-343
S. PatnaikFixed points of multiple-valued transformations345-349
J. CederDifferentiable roads for real functions351-358

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