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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 66

Warszawa 1970

Spis treści

. Errata
. Wacław Sierpiński (1882-1969)
Б. ЛевшенкоРaзмерность метрических пространств и ретракция1-5
A. HagerIsomorphism with a C(Y) of the maximal ring of quotients of C(X)7-13
R. FraserAxiom systems for Lipschitz structures15-24
J. WarndofTopologies uniquely determined by tlieir continuous self maps25-43
N. GrayOn the conjecture 2X ≈ Io45-52
J. KeeslingCompactification and the continuum hypothesis53-54
K. GentrySome properties of the induced map55-59
P. SchuppA note on recursively enumerable predicates in groups61-63
M. MoszyńskaOn the homotopy classification of spaces65-83
C. ProctorMetrizable subsets of Moore spaces85-93
M. SekaninaEmbedding of the category of partially ordered sets into the category of topological spaces category of topological spaces95-98
M. HarrisCup products, duality and periodicity for generalized group cohomology99-121
B. MadisonA note on local homogeneity and stability123-127
A. BrucknerOn the differentiation of integrals in euclidean spaces129-135
K. BorsukOn movable compacta137-146
M. YasuharaIncompleteness of Lp languages147-152
M. ZuckermanErrata to the paper "On choosing subset of n-element sets" Fundamenta Mathematicae 64 (1969), pp. 163-179153-153
. Errata154-154
H. HoehnkeDas Brown-McCoysche 0-Radical für Algebren und seine Anwendung in der Theorie der Halbgruppen155-175
J. RogersDecomposable inverse limits with a single bonding map on [0,1] below the identity177-183
A. BernsteinA new kind of compactness for topological spaces185-193
J. PakThe fixed point theorems of circle and toroid groups on lens spaces195-197
M. Świerczewski
C. Sloyer
S. Gulden
Continuation in metric spaces199-201
M. MoszyńskaANR-spaces which are deformation retracts of some polyhedra203-214
J. CarruthLifting trees under light open maps215-217
F. DrakeOn weak cardinal powers in generic extensions219-222
J. DugundjiModified Vietoris theorems for homotopy223-235
B. RaoRemarks on analytic sets237-239
M. BoffaInduction et récursion en théorie des ensembles sans axiome de fondement241-253
R. GerSome remarks on convex functions255-262
. Errata262-262
T. GantnerExtensions of uniform structures263-281
P. DierkerTwo complexes that are spines of the three ball283-286
D. MatrinMeasurable cardinals and analityc games287-291
M. ChakrabartyOn functions of generalized bounded o-variation293-300
J. Isbell
J. Morse
Structure spaces of lattices301-306
A. DaigenaultLawvere's elementary theories and polyadic and cylindric algebras307-328
F. HolleyThe new interval topology on lattice products329-336
M. JanowitzOn the modular relation in atomistic lattices337-346
J. Johnsona-adic completions of Noetherian lattice modules347-373
J. JohnsonSulbspaces and altitudes in Noetherian lattice modules375-379
R. DarstOn bimeasurable images of universally measurable sets381-382
M. KuczmaOn discontinuous additive functions383-392
H. ToruńczykRemarks on Anderson's paper ,,0n topological infinite deficiency"393-401

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