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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 67

Warszawa 1970

Spis treści

W. FleischmanA new extension of countable compactness1-9
P. BaconAn acyclic continuum that admits no mean11-13
J. CharatonikOn decompositions of l-dendroids15-30
H. SkalaIrreducibly generated algebras31-37
J. PollardOn extending homeomorphisms on zero-dimensional spaces39-48
D. MeyerMore decompositions of En which are factors of En+149-65
M. GrilletSubdivision rings of a semiring67-74
J. CharatonikAn example of a monostratiform l-dendroid75-87
Y. SuzukiOrbits of denumerable models of complete theories89-95
A. SzankowskiProjective potencies and multiplicative extension operators97-113
E. NishiuraConstructive methods in probabilistic metric spaces115-124
G. RousseauSeqnents in many valued logic II125-131
G. RousseauPoet algebras and pseudo-Post algebras133-145
W. TaylorCompactness and chromatic number147-153
C. Ryll-Nardzewski
L. Pacholski
On countably compact reduced product I155-161
G. WenzelExtensions of congruence relations on infinitary partial algebras. A problem of G. Grätzer163-169
F. SmithApproximations of one-one measurable transformations171-178
M. BoffaUne application de la méthode de Fraenkel-Mostowski179-182
C. ReedPointwise limits bf sequences of functions183-193
R. LacherSome wild spheres and group actions195-202
A. NémethAbout an imbedding conjecture for k-independent sets203-207
D. PeteyOne-to-one mappings into the plane209-218
R. DarstA CBV image of a universal null set need not be a universal null set219-220
K. BorsukSome remarks concerning the shape of pointed compacta221-240
S. BalcerzykThe global dimension of the group rings of abelian groups III241-250
A. MaitraCoanalytic sets that are not Blackwell spaces251-254
J. SlotA general realcompactification method255-263
K. BorsukA note on the theory of shape of compacta265-278
S. LeaderRegulated bases and completions of regular spaces279-287
S. MukhopadhyayOn a certain property of the derivative279-284
F. JonesOne-to-one continuous images of a line285-292
G. DayMaximal chains in atomic Boolean algebras293-296
J. Charatonik
C. Eberhart
On smooth dendroids297-322
P. BurmeisterÜber die Mächtigkeiten und Unabhängigkeitsgrade der Basen freier Algebren, II323-336
J. CharatonikRemarks on some class of continuous mappings of l-dendroids337-344
L. MohlerA fixed point theorem for continua which are hereditarily divisible by points345-358
A. LelekOn the topology of curves I359-367
L. MohlerA characterization of smoothness in dendroids369-376

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