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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 68

Warszawa 1970

Spis treści

L. LiningerDecompositions of a 3-cell1-6
R. WiegandtOn subdirect embeddings in categories7-12
R. HrycayGeneralized connected functions13-17
H. CookTree-likeness of dendroids and l-dendroids19-22
W. WhiteA 2-complex is collapsible if and only if it admits a strongly convex metric23-29
B. ScheinOrdered sets, semilattices, distributive lattices and Boolean algebras with homomorphic endomorphism semigroups31-50
R. MauldinOn the Baire system generated by a linear lattice of functions51-59
В. АмстиславскийЭффективные R-множества и трансфинитные продолжения рекурсивных иерархий61-86
R. DudaOn convex metric spaces V87-106
K. Borsuk
W. Holsztyński
Concerning the ordering of shapes of compacta107-115
J. Rogers
R. Jolly
Inverse limit spaces defined by only finitely many distinct bonding maps117-120
H. StrattonOn continua which resemble simple closed curves121-128
M. AltmanDilating mappings, implicit functions and fixed point theorems in finite-dimensional spaces129-141
P. Fletcher
R. Snider
Topological Galois spaces143-148
J. MichaelsBimeasurable maps149-158
A. BoalsNon-manifold factors Euclidean spaces159-177
G. RanganNon-archimedian metrizability of topological groups179-182
S. ArmentroutA three-dimensional spheroidal space which is not a sphere183-186
E. JohnsonLattice modules over semi-local Noether lattices187-201
J. JohnsonTree-likeness of hereditarily equivalent continua203-205
S. HildebrandA representation theorem for distributive quasi-lattices207-214
D. RolfsenCharacterizing the 3-cell by its metric215-223
R. CraggsSmall ambient isotopies of a 3-manifold which transform one embedding of a polyhedron into another225-256
F. CroomFiber homotopy type of associated loop spaces257-260
E. BarbutOn nil semirings with ascending chain conditions261-264
J. Dugundji
M. Curtis
A proof of deRham's theorem265-268
R. WójcickiSome remarks on the consequence operation in sentential logics269-279
E. HewittA general invariant metrization theorem for compact spaces281-296
S. YoungFinitely generated semigroups of continuous on [0, 1]297-305
W. VoxmanNondegenerately continuous decompositions of 3-manifolds307-320

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