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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 69

Warszawa 1970

Spis treści

B. BosbachKomplementäre Halbgruppen Kongruenzen und Quotienten1-14
S. ArmentroutOn the strong local simple connectivity of the decomposition spaces of toroidal decompositions15-37
A. HajnalOn some combinatorial problems involving large cardinals39-53
J. CharatonikConcerning the fixed point property for l-dendroids55-62
S. GodlewskiHomotopy dependence of fundamental sequences, relative fundamental equivalence of sets and a generalization of cohomotopy groups63-91
J. SilverA large cardinal in the constructible universe93-100
M. JanowitzCorrection to the paper "On the modular relation in the atomistic lattices" Fundamenta Mathematicae 66 (1970), pp.337-346101-101
R. VenkataramanOn locally compact abelian groups which are topologically pure in their Bohr compactifications103-107
М. АнтоновскийГомоморфизмы тихоновских полуполей и обобщенные полуметрики109-124
B. RaoRemarks on generalized analytic sets and the axiom of determinateness125-129
S. ArmentroutOn the singularity of Mazurkiewicz in absolute neighborhood retracts131-145
W. MahavierAtomic mappings on irreducible Hausdorff continua147-151
C. Bessaga
A. Pełczyński
Estimated extension theorem, homogeneous collections and skeletons and their applications to topological classification of linear metric spaces and convex sets153-190
W. Comfort
S. Negrepontis
Some topological properties associated with measurable cardinals191-205
R. DudaCorrection to dhe paper " On the hyperspace of subcontinua of a finite graph, I"207-211
H. BellFixed points, index, and degree for some set valued functions213-217
H. SchirmerA Kakutani type coincidence theorem219-226
G. Chartrand
M. Behzad
C. Wall
On minimal regular digraphs with given girth227-231
G. Grätzer
H. Lasker
R. Platt
Free products of lattices233-240
B. RaoNon-existence of certain Borel structures241-242
W. KulpaOn uniform universal spaces243-251
J. Lawson
B. Madison
Peripheral and inner points253-266
B. AndersonA class of topologies with T1-complements267-277

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