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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 70

Warszawa 1971

Spis treści

. Index alphabétique des tomes LXI-LXX (1967-1971)
J. SmithRefinements of Lebesgue covers1-6
J. RogersOn compactifications with continua as remainders7-11
M. ChakrabartyOn the space of BV-o functions13-23
Я. КофнерО псевдокружевных пространствах25-47
S. Leader
L. Finkelstein
Regulated semilattices and locally compact spaces49-58
R. McKenzieCardinal multiplication of structures with a reflexive relation59-101
R. EngelkingClosed mappings on complete metric spaces103-107
R. BeanDecompositions of Ea which satisfy a uniform Lipschitz condition are factors of E4109-115
M. ClappOn a generalization of absolute neighborhood retracts117-130
A. LelekOn the topology of curves II131-138
S. SeidmanCompletely regular mappings with compact ANR fiber139-146
J. AartsA characterization of strong inductive dimension147-155
W. HolsztyńskiAn extension and axiomatic characterization of Borsuk's theory of shape157-168
R. KannanSome results on fixed points—III169-177
A. MaitraOn game-theoretic methods in the theory of Souslin sets179-185
R. SeifertOn prime binary relational structures187-203
A. Rubin
J. Rubin
Accumulation functions on the ordinals205-220
D. WhitmanOn ring theoretic lattice modules221-229
M. SekaninaOn orderings of the system of subsets of ordered sets231-243
J. Johnson
E. Johnson
J. Lediaev
Structure and embedding theorems for unique normal decomposition lattices245-251
A. MacintyreOn o1 - categorical theories of abelian groups253-270
H. PatkowskaSome theorems about the embeddability of ANR-sets into decomposition spaces of En271-306
H. PatkowskaA characterization of locally connected continua which are quasi-embeddable into E2307-314
I. IqbalunnisaOn lattices whose lattices of congruences are Stone lattice315-318

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