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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 71

Warszawa 1971

Spis treści

. Errata
A. MacintyreOn o1-categorical theories of fields1-25
M. ČobanNote sur topologie exponentielle27-41
U. FelgnerComparison of the axioms of local and universal choice43-62
M. Gagrat
S. Naimpally
Proximity approach to extension problems63-76
R. ChuaquiCardinal algebras of functions and integration77-84
R. ChuaquiA representation theorem for linearly ordered cardinal algebras85-91
G. WilmersInternally standard set theories93-102
W. TaylorAtomic compactness and elementary equivalence103-112
J. FugateRetracting fans onto finite fans113-125
J. WilkerLipschitz pairs of metric subspaces127-130
K. MagillOn restrictive semigroups of continuous functions131-137
A. D'AristotleCompletely regular compactifications139-145
A. Lelek
L. Mohler
On the topology of curves III147-160
J. KalmanSubdirect decomposition of distributive quasilattices161-163
Z. KominekOn the sum and difference of two sets in topological vector spaces165-169
R. Mauldind-ideals and related Baire systems171-177
R. MauldinSome examples of d-ideals and related Baire systems179-184
J. IsbellA corrected correction185-185
S. WillardSome examples in the theory of Borel sets187-191
F. PetricaniCommutative rings in which every proper ideal is maximal193-198
M. JanowitzOn the lattice of left annihilators of certain rings199-205
M. ProffittOn composants of Hausdorff continua207-213
A. PearsA note on transfinite dimension215-221
F. CarreauSous-catégories réflexives et la théorie générate des radicaux223-242
J. BrownMetric spaces in which a strengthened form of Blumberg's theorem holds243-253
J. FugateSmall retractions of smooth dendroids onto trees255-262
R. WillmottSome relations between k-analytic sets and generalized Borel sets263-271
J. HausenAbelian torsion groups with artinian primary components and their automorphisms273-283

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