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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 72

Warszawa 1971

Spis treści

. Errata
F. CroomExact loop space sequences1-6
R. FritscheTopologies for probabilistic metric spaces7-16
R. JeroslowConsistency statements in formal theories17-40
S. Mardešić
J. Segal
Shapes of compacta and ANR-systems41-59
S. Mardešić
J. Segal
Equivalence of the Borsuk and the ANR-system approach to shapes61-68
S. ArmentroutConcerning the unions of absolute neighborhood retracts having brick decompositions69-78
H. FriedmanDeterminateness in the low protective hierarchy79-95
A. SieradskiNon-uniqueness of homotopy factorizations into irreducible polyhedra97-99
D. CurtisSome theorems and examples on local equiconnectedness and its specializations101-113
W. NitkaOn convex metric spaces II115-129
E. AndersonChains of simple closed curves and a dogbone space131-144
J. BooneSome characterizations of paracompactness in k-spaces145-153
V. DlabTree-like matrix rings155-163
R. DavermanElementary arcs in 3-space that can be realized by squeezing 3-ceIls165-173
H. Friedman
H. Enderton
Approximating the standard model of analysis175-188
H. TamanoA characterization of paracompactness189-201
B. HalpernInvariant metric properties of maps203-221
C. Eberhart
J. Fugate
Approximating continua from within223-231
J. Monk
F. Sioson
On the general theory of m-groups233-244
K. HauschildNichtaxiomatisierbarkeit von Satzmengen durch Ausdrücke spezieller Gestalt245-253
M. RusselMonotone decompositions of continua irreducible about a finite subset255-264
J. ValentineOn criteria of Blumenthal for inner-product spaces265-269

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