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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 73

Warszawa 1972

Spis treści

A. BerardCharacterizations of metric spaces by the use of their midsets: intervals1-7
H. CharltonDimension raising maps for which polyhedra are mapped to polyhedra9-10
J. Rogers
J. Tollefson
Involutions on solenoidal spaces11-19
G. GrätzerA reduced free product of lattices21-27
T. ŠalátGeneralization of the notion of the Banach indicatrix29-36
A. GrzegorczykAn unfinitizability proof by means of restricted reduced power37-49
C. JoinerOn Urysohn's universal separable metric space51-58
R. TelgárskyC-scattered and paracompact spaces59-74
R. Telgársky
H. Kok
The space of rationals is not absolutely paracompact75-78
J. BooneA metrization theorem for developable spaces79-83
P. Fletcher
R. McCoy
Galois spaces, representable spaces and strongly locally homogeneous spaces85-91
J. JohnsonNoetherian lattice modules and semi-local completions93-103
E. ElliottExtensions of measures and abstract stochastic processes105-111
P. OlinDirect multiples and powers of modules113-124
E. EllentuckA minimal model for strong analysis125-131
W. KuperbergHomotopically labile points of locally compact metric spaces133-136
D. HarrisTransfinite metrics, sequences and topological properties137-142
A. Delenau
P. Hilton
On Kan extensions of cohomology theories and Serre classes of groups143-165
J. NienhuysA solenoidal and monotlietic minimally almost periodic group167-169
F. Stevensonωμ-metric spaces and ωμ-proximities171-178
M. RudinA normal space X for which X x I is not normal179-186
K. WiśniewskiOn the axiom of choice for families of finite sets187-192
B. KrakusSome properties of convex metric spaces193-198
H. Herrlich
G. Strecker
Coreflective subcategories in general topology199-218
M. MakkaiSvenonius sentences and Lindström's theory on preservation theorems219-233
P. KnightAlgebraic equivalence of ordinal numbers235-247
S. MukhopadhyaySome properties of real functions of two variables and some consequences249-259
K. NagamiCountable paracompactness of inverse limits and products261-270
E. BartonOn some problems of Borsuk271-274

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