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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 74

Warszawa 1972

Spis treści

R. Hunter
L. Anderson
On the infinite subsemigroups of a compact semigroup1-19
M. McCordNon-standard analysis and homology21-28
C. ToddThe product of certain measurable spaces29-33
N. StevensonConcerning indecomposable continua and upper semicontinuous collections of nondegenerate continua35-42
G. AtneosenOne-dimensional n-leaved continua43-45
R. FoxOn shape47-71
T. RushingGeometrical arguments concerningtwosided submanifolds, flat submanifolds and pinched bicollars73-84
J. JakubikCardinal properties of lattice ordered groups85-98
L. MonteiroAlgebre du calcul propositionnel trivalent de Heyting99-109
L. Rudolf0-continuous extensions of maps on t X.111-131
W. NitkaOn convex metric spaces VI133-144
M. ArmbrustAn algebraic equivalent of a multiple choice axiom145-146
S. ValentiSur la dérivation k-pseudo-symétrique des fonctions numériques147-152
R. TelgárskyConcerning product of paracompact spaces153-159
G. ReedConcerning first countable spaces161-169
B. BrechnerOne dimensional locally setwise homogeneous continua171-180
R. KannanSome results on fixed points — IV181-187
R. BennettCountable dense homogeneous spaces189-194
H. GonshorRemarks on a paper by Bernstein195-196
J. ChaberRemarks on open-closed mappings197-208
T. JózefiakTate resolutions for commutative graded algebras over a local ring209-231
S. Hildebrand
S. Crossley
Semi-topological properties233-254
B. KrakusErrata to the paper "Some properties of convex metric spaces" Fundamenta Mathematicae 73 (1972), pp. 193-198255-255

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