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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 76

Warszawa 1972

Spis treści

D. ArmacostMapping properties of characters of LCA groups1-7
T. Gantner
H. Hoyle
c-continuous fundamental groups9-17
J. BakerCompact spaces homeomorphic to a ray of ordinals19-27
J. HuntOn semi-closed sets and semi-open sets and their applications29-41
E. Steiner
A. Steiner
Binding spaces: A unified completion and extension theory43-61
L. SoniatCharacterizations of uniformity-dependent dimension functions63-70
K. NowińskiClosed mappings and the Freudenthal compactification71-83
П. СолтанО покрытии выпуклых тел гомотетичными85-93
M. JaegermaannRings in which ideals are annihilators95-707
M. GrilletSemisimple A-semigroups and semirings109-116
S. HuqA note monies and epics in varieties of categories117-119
J. KrempaLogical connections between some open problems concerning nil rings V121-130
P. Hájek
M. Hájková
On interpretability in theories containing arithmetic131-137
L. Pacholski
J. Waszkiewicz
On compact classes of models139-147
W. WięsławA characterization of locally compact fields of zero characteristic149-155
F. StevensonProduct proximities157-166
H. Cook
A. Lelek
On the topology of curves IV167-179
T. ChapmanOn some applications of infinite-dimensional manifolds to the theory of shape181-193
F. MarinA note on E-compact spaces195-206
W. KulpaOn the existence of maps having graphs connected and dense207-211
U. ChristianConcerning certain minimal cover refineable spaces213-222
A. WojciechowskaOn Helling cardinals223-230
K. Aló
L. Sennott
Collectionwise normality and the extension of functions on product spaces231-243
J. SmitalOn boundedness and discontinuity of additive functions245-253
K. DevlinNote on a theorem of J. Baumgartner255-260
T. ChapmanShapes of finite-dimensional compacta261-273

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