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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 77

Warszawa 1973

Spis treści

D. RuddAn example of а Ф-algebra whose uniform closure is a ring of continuous functions1-4
E. TymchatynPartial order and collapsibility of 2-complexes5-7
A. LachlanA property of stable theories9-20
K. KuperbergAn. isomorphism theorem of the Hurewicz-type in Borsuk's theory of shape21-32
B. Ball
J. Ford
Spaces of ANR's33-49
A. HagerMeasurable uniform spaces51-73
P. Duvall
L. Husch
Analysis on topological manifolds75-90
J. BooneExamples relating to mesocompact and sequentielly mesocompact spaces91-93
E. SnipesT-sequential topological spaces95-98
W. IngramAn atriodic tree-like continuum with positive span99-107
D. AddisLiftings of compact sets of mappings through a light proper mapping are compact109-114
J. LeeHomeotopy groups of orientable 2-manifolds115-124
M. MoszyńskaUniformly movable compact spaces and their algebraic properties125-144
A. EmerykAn atomic map onto an arbitrary metric continuum145-150
A. BlassDegrees of indeterminacy of games151-166
J. Bell
D. Fremlin
A geometric form of the axiom of choice167-170
L. RudolfExtending maps from dense subspaces .171-190
H. ToruńczykA simple proof of Hausdorff's theorem on extending metrics191-193
J. QuigleyAn exact sequence from the nth to the (n— l)-st fundamental group195-210
J. NicholsThe realization of dimension function d2211-217
C. KelemenRecursions with uniquely determined topologies219-225
P. HolickýA supplement to the paper "Differentiable roads for real functions" by J. G. Ceder227-234
M. MoszyńskaOn shape and fundamental deformation retracts II235-240
R. OvertonČech homology for movable compacta241-251
W. WhiteA Fixed-point theorem for homeomorphisms of R2n253-255
J. KetonenUltrafilters over measurable cardinals257-269
R. Hodel
R. Heath
Characterizations of σ-spaces271-275
M. CurtisTotal and absolute paracompactness277-283
J. Hunt
E. Tymchatyn
The theorem of Miss Mullikin-Mazurkiewicz-van East for unicoherent Peano spaces285-287
M. ZuckermanNatural sums of ordinals289-294
B. WęglorzSome remarks on selectors295-304

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