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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 78

Warszawa 1973

Spis treści

W. HodgesModels in which all long indiscernible sequences, are inscernible sets1-6
J. TrussOn succesors in cardinal arithmetic7-21
S. MorrisLocally compact groups and b-varieties of topological groups23-26
R. DickamnSome mapping characterizations of unicoherence27-35
R. O'MalleyStrong essential cluster sets.37-42
L. PacholskiOn countably universal Boolean algebras compact classes of models43-60
G. GordhConcerning closed quasi-orders on hereditarily unicoherent continua61-73
J. Aarts
T. Nishiura
Covering dimension modulo a class of spaces75-97
P. Morales
G. Fox
Strongly additive functions on lattices99-106
M. MoszyńskaVarious approaches to the fundamental groups107-118
R. BalbesOn free pseudo-complemented and relatively pseudo-complemented semi-lattices119-131
E. KocelaProperties of some generalizations of the notion of continuity of a function133-139
J. ThomasOn the Liaponov type fixed point theorem141-143
S. SpieżOn a plane compactum with the maximal shape145-156
T. ŠalátOn transfinite sequences of B-measurable functions157-162
W. CutlerProperty Z and property Y sets in F-manifolds163-167
H. SchirmerHomotopy for small multifunctions169-176
M. JanowitzOn a paper by Iqbalunnisa177-182
D. MattsonReal maximal round filters in proximity spaces183-188
W. GuzickiA remark on the independence of a basis hypothesis189-191
A. Hajnal
J. Baumgartner
A proff (involving Martin's axiom) of a partition relation193-203
R. DatkoOn the integration of set-valued mappings in a Banach space205-208
B. Ball
J. Ford
Spaces of ANR's. II209-216
S. Nadler
J. Quinn
Embedding certain eompactifications of a half-ray217-225
K. NagamiMinimal class generated by open compact and perfect mappings227-264
J. RogersInducting approximations homotopic to maps between inverse limits250-289
J. CederOn decomposing the plane into x0 connected or one-to-one curves265-273
R. FreiwaldCardinalities of metric completions275-280
T. PrzymusińskiA Lindelöf space X such that X2 is normal but not paracompact291-296

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