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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 79

Warszawa 1973

Spis treści

P. HinmanThe finite levels of the hierarchy of effective R-sets1-10
B. Leclerc
B. Monjardet
Ordres "C.A.C."11-22
S. RodabaughRetracts of Tychonoff and normal spaces.23-31
J. SchmitdOn the compactification of closure algebras33-48
K. MillettHomotopy sequences of fibrations49-62
R. DavermanOn the scarcity of tame disks in certain mild cells63-77
U. Felgner
T. Jech
Variants of the axiom of choice in set theory with atoms79-85
M. QuershiS -torsion free modules87-90
D. Olson
T. Jankins
A note on the Levitzki radical of a semiring91-93
A. BoalsFactors of En+3 with infinitely many bad points95-99
J. BaumgartnerΑll x1-dense sets of reals can be isomorphic101-106
J. CannonA positional characterization of the (n-l)-dimensional Sierpiński curve in Sn (η ≠ 4)107-112
J. CharatonikOn decompositions of continua113-130
P. NyikosThe Sorgenfrey plane in dimension theory131-139
K. BorsukOn. positions of sets in spaces.141-158
S. MukhopadhyayOn essential cluster sets159-171
T. MaćkowiakSome characterizations of smooth continua.173-186
F. HolleyThe ideal and new interval topologies on l-groups187-197
H. SkalaGrouplike Menger algebras.199-207
R. SolomonA type of ßN with x0 relative types209-212
K. KellumAlmost continuous functions on In213-215
J. Płonka
B. Ganter
H. Werner
Homogeneous algebras are simple217-220
J. PłonkaAddition and correction to the paper "Diagonal algebras"221-222
C. PinterA simpler set of axioms for polyadic algebras223-232
S. NadlerLocating cones and Hubert cubes in hyperspaces233-250
T. MaćkowiakSemi-confluent mappings and their invariants251-264
R. PolThere is no universal totally disconnected space265-267

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