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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 80

Warszawa 1973

Spis treści

. Index alphabétique des tomes LXXI-LXXX (1971-1973)
R. DarstOn the connection between Hausdorff measures and generalized capacity1-3
L. SzczerbaThe notion of an elementary subsystem for a Boolean-valued relational system5-12
K. JoshiA non-symmetric generalization of the Borsuk -Ulam theorem13-33
Ю. ЛисицаО пространствах связных и локально-связных во всех размерностях35-45
K. DorenClosed, continuous images of complete metric spaces47-50
V. TrnkováXm is homeomorphic to Xn iff m ~ n where ~ is a congruence on natural numbers51-56
E. PuzioLimit mappings and projections of inverse systems57-73
J. Rubin
P. Howard
H. Rubin
The relationship between two weak forms of the axiom of choice75-79
I. NamiokaComplements of sets of unstable points81-89
H. Stone
J. Guthrie
Spaces whose connected expansion preserve connected subsets91-100
G. MonroDecomposable cardinals.101-104
G. MonroModels of ZF with the same sets of sets of ordinals105-110
S. BurrisScott sentences and a problem of Vaught for mono-uary algebras111-115
B. Dahnx0-kategorische zyklenbenschränkte Graphen117-131
R. WongPeriodic actions on (I-D) normed linear spaces133-139
W. KulpaMaps and inverse systems of metric spaces141-147
S. MasihFixed points of symmetric product mappings of polyhedra and metric absolute neighborhood retracts149-156
J. Ceder
A. Bruckner
T. Pearson
On the insertion of Darboux, Baire-one functions157-167
C. CoxThree questions of Borsuk concerning movability and fundamental retraction169-179
В. БельновО метризации абелевых групп181-205
A. SchurleStrongly cellular subsets of E3207-212
E. VoughtMonotone decompositions of continua into generalized arcs and simple closed curves213-220
M. MoszyńskaThe Whitehead Theorem in the theory of shapes221-263
D. KuykendallIrreducibility and indecomposability in inverse limits265-270
Н. ВеличкоО мощности открытых покрытий топологических пространств271-282
B. WennerA universal separable metric locally finite-dimensional space283-286
E. KleinbergA characterization of determinacy for Turing degree games287-291
J. ForanOn the product of derivatives293-294
L. FriedlerRegular maps and products of p-quotient maps295-303

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