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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 81

Warszawa 1974

Spis treści

. Dédicace
A. ZarachForcing with proper classes1-27
D. GogolLow cardinality modela for a type of infmitary theory29-34
W. Rautenberg
K. Hauschild
Entseheidungsprobleme der Theorie zweier Äquivalenzrelationen mít beschränkter Zahl vоn Elementen in den Klassen35-41
J. MycielskiAlmost every function is independent43-48
J. HickmanA problem on series of ordinals49-56
T. JechProperties of the gimel function and a classification of singular cardinals57-64
C. KuratowskiApplications of the Baire-category method to the problem of independent sets65-72
A. MacintyreModel-completeness for sheaves of structures73-89
J. Fenstad
D. Normann
On absolutely measurable sets91-98
H. Putnam
S. Leeds
Putnám, Solution to a problem of Gandy's99-106
M. BendaRemarks on countable models107-119
W. PowellVariations of Keisler's theorem, for complete embeddings121-132
A. LachlanTwo conjectures regarding the stability of ω-categorical theories133-145
A. Hajnal
I. Juhász
On hereditarily a-Lindelöf and a-separable spaces, II147-158
A. RobinsonA note on topological model theory159-171
W. Rautenberg
I. Korec
M. Peretiatkin
Definability in structures of finite valency173-181
H. FriedmanMinimality in the Δ12·degrees183-192
J. MakowskyOn some conjectures connected with complete sentences193-202
D. CenzerThe boundedness principle in ordinal recursion203-212
J. KrivineLangages à valeurs réelles et applications213-253
H. DishkantWeak decibility of some modal extention of trigonometry255-260
P. Erdös
A. Hajnal
Some remarks on set theory XI261-265
K. SegerbergProof of a conjecture of McKay267-270
F. DrakeA fine hierarchy of partition cardinals271-277
R. Jensen
H. Johnsbråten
A new construction of non-constructible Δ1B subset of ω279-290
J. KetonenBaňách spaces and large cardinals291-303
P. EklofInfinitary equivalence of abelian groups305-314
K. BowenForcing in a general setting315-329
А. ТаймановК элементарной теории топологических алгебр331-342
R. SikorskiQuasi-inverses of morphisms343-358

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