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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 82

Warszawa 1974

Spis treści

K. DevlinOn hereditarily separable Hausdorff spaces in the constructible universe1-10
P. HájekDegrees of dependence in the theory of seinisets.11-24
E. López-EscobarElementary interpretations of negationless arithmetic25-38
Y. MoschovakisMoschovakis, On nonmonotone inductive definability39-83
K. McAloonOn the sequence of models HODn85-93
K. BarwiseMostowski's collapsing function and the closed unbounded filter95-103
M. MakkaiGeneralizing Vaught sentences from ω to strong cofinality ω105-119
B. ScheinRepresentation of involuted semigroups by binary relations121-141
W. GuzickiUncountable b-models with countable height143-152
S. FefermanTwo notes on abstract model theory. I. Properties invariant on the range of definable relations between structures153-165
D. DalenA model for HAS, A topological interpretation of the theory of species of natural numbers167-174
W. MarekStable sets, a characterization of b2-models of full second order arithmetic and some related facts175-189
K. HauschildBekursive Unentscheidbarkeit der Theorie der pythago- räischen Körper191-197
H. BarondregtCombmatory logio and the ω-rule199-215
C. YatesPrioric games and minimal degrees below 0(1)217-237
L. Bukovský
J. Bilý
On expansions of β-models239-244
С. КогаловскийНекоторые простые следствия аксиомы конструктивности245-267
R. VaughtInvariant sets in topology and logic269-294
H. WangNotes on a class of tiling problems295-305
A. TroelstraNon-extensional equality307-322
R. FraïsséMultirelation et âge l-extensifs323-330
U. Felgner X1 - Kategorische Theorien nicht-kommutativer Kingę331-346
L. Szczerba
W. Schwabhäuser
Relations on lines as primitive notions for Euclidean geometry347-355
F. GalvinPinning countable ordinals357-361
L. Henkin
D. Resek
Relativization of cylindric algebras363-383
M. MakkaiErrata to the paper "Generalizing Vaught sentences from ω to strong cofinality ω", Fundamenta Mathematicae 82 (1974), pp. 105-119385-385

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