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Fundamenta Mathematicae

Tom 83

Warszawa 1973

Spis treści

J. BaldwinThe number of automorphisms of models of χ1-categorical theories1-6
W. KuperbergOn certain homological properties of finite-dimensional compaeta. Carriers, minimal carriers and bubbles7-23
R. Dickamn
L. Rubin
C-separated sets and unicoherence25-33
L. BukovskýCharacterization of generic extensions of models of set theory35-46
E. Steiner
A. Steiner
On semi-tuiiformities47-58
D. WootenOn the extension of continuous functions59-65
A. SmajdorOn some special iteration groups67-74
H. ToruńczykCompact absolute retracts as factors of the Hilbert space75-84
Г. ГаргАналог теоремы Куратовского-Дугунджи85-96
W. WięsławErrata to the paper "A characterization of locally compact fields of zero characteristic" Fundamenta Mathematicae 76 (1972), pp. 149-15597-98
B. PhadkeNonsymmetric weakly complete G-spaces99-110
L. LumWeakly smooth dendroids111-120
A. BaudischTheorien abelscher Gruppen mit einem einstelligen Prädikat121-127
T. IsiwataSome properties of the remainder of Stone-Čech compactifieations129-142
W. Fleischman
S. Williams
The Gδ-topology on compact spaces143-149
J. Segal
G. Kozlowski
On the shape of 0-dimensional paracompacta151-154
J. KrasinkiewiczOn the hyperspaces of snake-like and circle-like continua155-164
W. PepeMeasures on bundles and Trundles of measures165-185
D. Daykin
J. Dugdale
Triangle contractive self maps of a Hilbert space187-195
L. ZajíčekOn cluster sets of arbitrary functions197-217
C. RauszerSemi-Boolean algebras and their applications to intuitionistic logic with dual operations219-249
R. PupierPrécompactologies et structures uniformes251-262
J. BaldwinAtomic compactness in χ1 - categorical Horn theories263-268
J. JędrzejewskiOn limit numbers of real functions269-281

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