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International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Tom 13

Zielona Góra 2003

Spis treści

J. Pommaret
A. Quadrat
A functorial approach to the behaviour of multidimensional control systems7-13
J. Hätönen
R. Ylinen
Polynomial systems theory applied to the analysis and design of multidimensional systems15-27
D. Idczak
M. Majewski
S. Walczak
Stability analysis of solutions to an optimal control problem associated with a Goursat-Darboux problem29-44
V. Dymkou
M. Dymkov
An application of the Fourier transform to optimization of continuous 2-D systems45-54
J. KurekControllability and reconstructability of a system described by the N-D Roesser model55-60
T. KaczorekCanonical forms of singular 1D and 2D linear systems61-72
R. Rabenstein
L. Trautmann
Towards a framework for continuous and discrete multidimensional systems73-85
K. Gałkowski
E. Rogers
W. Paszke
D. Owens
Linear repetitive process control theory applied to a physical example87-99
R. LongmanOn the interaction between theory, experiments, and simulation in developing practical learning control algorithms101-111
R. Longman
K. Avrachenkov
Iterative Learning Control for over-determined, under-determined, and ill­conditioned systems113-122
X. HouThe asymptotical stability of a dynamic system with structural damping131-138
E. Zerrik
H. Bourray
Gradient observability for diffusion systems139-150
K. Twardowska
T. Marnik
M. Pasławska-Południak
Approximation of the Zakai equation in a nonlinear filtering problem with delay151-160
T. KaczorekThe relationship between the infinite eigenvalue assignment for singular systems and the solvability of polynomial matrix equations161-167
R. Longman
S. Songschon
Comparison of the stability boundary and the frequency response stability condition in learning and repetitive control169-177
P. GurfilQuantitative Lp stability analysis of a class of linear time-varying feedback systems179-184
R. Longman
M. Phan
S. Lee
J. Lee
System identification from multiple-trial data corrupted by non-repeating periodic disturbances185-192
W. MitkowskiRemarks about energy transfer in an RC ladder network193-198
K. JaniszowskiInversion of square matrices in processors with limited calculation abilities199-204
J. SadeckiAn efficiency analysis of the parallel multitransputer implementation of two-level optimization algorithms205-214
J. ŁęskiA fuzzy if-then rule-based nonlinear classifier215-223
A. Alimi
R. Hassine
M. Selmi
Beta Fuzzy Logic Systems: approximation properties in the MIMO case225-238
D. Ngo
T. Taibi
Modeling of distributed objects computing design pattern combinations using a formal specification language239-253
Z. MrozekComputer aided design of mechatronic systems255-267
M. Kimmel
O. Gorlova
Stochastic models of progression of cancer and their use in controlling cancer-related mortality279-287
M. KolevMathematical modeling of the competition between acquired immunity and cancer289-296
A. Świerniak
J. Śmieja
Different models of chemotherapy taking into account drug resistance stemming from gene amplification297-305
P. Zhivkov
J. Waniewski
Modelling tumour-immunity interactions with different stimulation functions307-315
U. Foryś
A. Marciniak-Czochra
Logistic equations in tumour growth modelling317-325
K. Fujarewicz
M. Wiench
Selecting differentially expressed genes for colon tumor classification327-335
K. SimekProperties of a singular value decomposition based dynamical model of gene expression data337-345
M. Kimmel
A. Polański
Population genetics models for the statistics of DNA sample under different demographic scenarios-maximum likelihood versus approximate methods347-355
A. Świerniak
U. Ledzewicz
H. Schättler
Optimal control for a class of compartmental models in cancer chemotherapy357-368
R. Lukac
B. Smołka
Application of the adaptive center­weighted vector median framework for the enhancement of cDNA microarray images369-383
M. Kimmel
A. Renwick
P. Bonnen
D. Trikka
D. Nelson
R. Chakraborty
Sampling properties of estimators of nucleotide diversity at discovered SNP sites385-394
M. GałachDynamics of the tumor-immune system competition-the effect of time delay395-406
Z. SzymańskaAnalysis of immunotherapy models in the context of cancer dynamics407-418
J. PolańskaThe EM algorithm and its implementation for the estimation of frequencies of SNP-haplotypes419-429
R. Curtain
M. Demetriou
K. Ito
Adaptive compensators for perturbed positive real infinite-dimensional systems.441-452
H. BounitThe stability of an irrigation canal system.453-468
B. SikoraOn the constrained controllability of dynamical systems with multiple delays in the state.469-479
C. Delattre
D. Dochain
J. Winkin
Sturm-Liouville systems are Riesz-spectral systems.481-484
M. Hofreiter
P. Zitek
Argument increment stability criterion for linear delta models.485-491
N. Karampetakis
S. Vologiannidis
Infinite elementary divisor structure-preserving transformations for polynomial matrices.493-503
T. KaczorekLocally positive nonlinear systems.505-509
T. KaczorekBilateral polynomial equations with unimodular right-hand-side matrices.511-514
H. Rubio Scola
R. Nikoukhah
F. Delebecque
Test signal design for failure detection: a linear programming approach.515-526
T. Gurfil
P. Bahri
G. Cai
Timed Petri-net based formulation and an algorithm for the optimal scheduling of batch plants.527-536
K. Malinowski
M. Żmuda
E. Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz
Application of JAVA-based framework to parallel simulation of large-scale systems537-547
G. GlentisImplementation of adaptive generalized sidelobe cancellers using efficient complex valued arithmetic.549-566
P. PorwikThe spectral test of the Boolean function linearity.567-575
S. Tomaszewski
I. Celik
G. Antoniou
WWW-based Boolean function minimization.577-583
S. Węgrzyn
R. Winiarczyk
L. Znamirowski
Self-replication processes in nanosystems of informatics.585-591

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