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International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Tom 17

Zielona Góra 2007

Spis treści

J. KlamkaStochastic Controllability of Linear Systems with State Delays5-13
M. BoudelliouaEquivalence and Reduction of Delay-Differential Systems15-22
T. KaczorekComputation of Realizations Composed of Dynamic and Static Parts of Improper Transfer Matrices23-25
M. Rodrigues
D. Theilliol
S. Aberkane
D. Sauter
Fault Tolerant Control Design for Polytopic LPV Systems27-37
N. Goléa
I. Abdelmalek
M. Hadjili
A New Fuzzy Lyapunov Approach to Non-Quadratic Stabilization of Takagi-Sugeno Fuzzy Models39-51
M. KamolaHybrid Approach to Design Optimisation: Preserve Accuracy, Reduce Dimensionality53-71
A. Witkowska
M. Tomera
R. Śmierzchalski
A Backstepping Approach to Ship Course Control73-85
T. PraczykApplication of Bearing and Distance Trees to the Identification of Landmarks on the Coast87-97
A. Sikora
E. Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz
A Federated Approach to Parallel and Distributed Simulation of Complex Systems99-106
D. PearsonData Probes, Vertical Trajectories and Classification: a Tentative Study107-112
W. Gosti
T. Villa
A. Saldanha
A. Sangiovanni-Vincentelli
FSM Encoding for BDD Representations113-128
S. NikielA Proposition of Mobile Fractal Image Decompression129-136
W. Moran
S. Avdonin
A. Bulanova
Construction of Sampling and Interpolating Sequences for Multi-Band Signals. The Two-Band Case143-156
D. Krawczyk-Stańdo
M. Rudnicki
Regularization Parameter Selection in Discrete Ill-Posed Problems the Use of the U-Curve157-164
T. KaczorekPositive Partial Realization Problem for Linear Discrete-Time Systems165-171
A. Czornik
P. Jurgaś
Falseness of the Finiteness Property of the Spectral Subradius173-178
S. Hu
K. Meinke
R. Chen
O. Huajiang
Iterative Estimators of Parameters in Linear Models with Partially Variant Coefficients179-187
G. MzykGeneralized Kernel Regression Estimate for the Identification of Hammerstein Systems189-197
M. Brdys
R. Łangowski
Monitoring of Chlorine Concentration in Drinking Water Distribution Systems Using an Interval Estimator199-216
M. ŁawryńczukA Family of Model Predictive Control Algorithms with Artificial Neural Networks217-232
R. Boukezzoula
S. Galichet
L. Foulloy
Fuzzy Feedback Linearizing Controller and its Equivalence with the Fuzzy Nonlinear Internal Model Control Structure233-248
Z. Mann
A. Orbán
Evaluating the Kernighan-Lin Heuristic for Hardware/Software Partitioning249-267
V. Farkas
Z. Tarapata
Selected Multicriteria Shortest Path Problems: an Analysis of Complexity Models and Adaptation of Standard Algorithms269-287
M. Dumbser
C. Munz
On Source Terms and Boundary Conditions Using Arbitrary High Order Discontinuous Galerkin Schemes297-310
E. Audusse
M. Bristeau
Finite-Volume Solvers for A Multilayer Saint-Venant System311-320
B. Després
F. Lagoutière
Genuinely Multi-Dimensional Non-Dissipative Finite-Volume Schemes for Transport321-328
M. Mehrenberger
E. Violard
A Hermite-Type Adaptive Semi-Lagrangian Scheme329-334
N. Crouseilles
G. Latu
E. Sonnendrücker
Hermite Spline Interpolation on Patches for Parallelly Solving the Vlasov-Poisson Equation335-349
M. Campos PintoA Direct and Accurate Adaptive Semi-Lagrangian Scheme for the Vlasov-Poisson Equation351-359
E. Sonnendrücker
N. Besse
N. Mauser
Numerical Approximation of Self-Consistent Vlasov Models for Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Phenomena361-374
S. Jund
S. Salmon
Arbitrary High-Order Finite Element Schemes and High-Order Mass Lumping375-393
M. Gander
L. Halpern
F. Magoulès
F. Roux
Analysis of Patch Substructuring Methods395-402
R. Abgrall
V. Perrier
On the Numerical Approximation of First-Order Hamilton-Jacobi Equations403-412
J. Sokołowski
J. Scheid
P. Fulmański
A. Laurain
A Level Set Method in Shape and Topology Optimization for Variational Inequalities413-430
E. Zerrik
H. Bourray
R. Larhrissi
An Output Controllability Problem for Semilinear Distributed Hyperbolic Systems437-448
G. Zhai
X. Xu
H. Lin
D. Liu
Extended Lie Algebraic Stability Analysis for Switched Systems with Continous-Time and Discrete-Time Subsystems447-454
A. Charef
A. Djouambi
A. Besançon
Optimal Approximation, Simulation and Analog Realization of the Fundamentsla Fractional Order Transfer Function455-462
N. Karampetakis
P. Tzekis
H. Terzidis
On the Computation of the GCD of 2-D Polynomials463-470
T. KaczorekThe Choice of the Forms of Lyapunov Functions for a Positive 2D Roesser Model471-475
A. ShumskyRedundancy Relations for Fault Diagnosis in Nonlinear Uncertain Systems477-489
H. Li
Z. Yang
Reliability Modeling of Fault Tolerant Control Systems491-504
P. OrłowskiEstimation of the Output Deviation Norm for Uncertain, Discrete-Time Nonlinear Systems in a state Dependent Form505-513
K. Malinowski
J. Błaszczyk
A. Karbowski
Object Library of Algorithmsfor Dynamic Optimization Problems: Benchmarking SQP and Nonlinear Interior Point Methods515-537
Ł. Cielecki
O. Unold
Real-Valued GCS Classifier System539-547
T. PraczykEvolving Co-adapted Subcomponents in Assembler Encoding549-563
A. Barkalov
L. Titarenko
S. Chmielewski
Reduction in the Number of Pal Macrocells in the Circuit of a Moore FSM565-575

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