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International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Tom 19

Zielona Góra 2009

Spis treści

A. El Jai
H. Hamzaoui
Regional observation and sensors5-14
A. MünchOptimal internal dissipation of a damped wave equation using a topological approach15-37
J. KlamkaStochastic controllability of systems with multiple delays in control39-47
A. Calzolari
P. Florchinger
G. Nappo
Nonlinear filtering for markov systems with delayed observations49-57
M. Ardakani
R. Noorossana
S. Niaki
H. Lahijanian
Robust parameter design using the weighted metric method—the case of ‘the smaller the better’59-68
A. Charef
S. Ladaci
J. Loiseau
Robust fractional adaptive control based on the Strictly Positive Realness condition69-76
N. Karampetakis
A. Vardulakis
E. Antoniou
E. Tictopoulou
On the realization theory of polynomial matrices and the algebraic structure of pure generalized state space systems77-88
T. KaczorekReachability of cone fractional continuous-time linear systems89-93
T. Kaczorek
P. Przyborowski
Positive 2d discrete-time linear Lyapunov systems95-105
H. GóreckiAlgebraic condition for decomposition of large-scale linear dynamic systems107-111
R. Toumi
F. Ferguene
Dynamic external force feedback loop control of a robot manipulator using a neural compensator—application to the trajectory following in an unknown environment113-126
P. Tatjewski
P. Marusak
Effective dual-mode fuzzy dmc algorithms with on-line quadratic optimization and guaranteed stability127-141
R. Tadeusiewicz
M. Ogiela
P. Szczepaniak
Notes on a linguistic description as the basis for automatic image understanding143-150
W. OniszczukSemi-Markov-based approach for the analysis of open tandem networks with blocking and truncation151-163
P. KazienkoMining indirect association rules for web recommendation165-186
J. Sokołowski
S. Nazarov
J. Roche
M. Iguernane
K. Szulc
Topological derivatives for semilinear elliptic equations191-205
B. Bylina
J. Bylina
Influence of preconditioning and blocking on accuracy in solving Markovian models207-217
R. Stobart
V. Becerra
J. Deng
Input constraints handling in an MPC/feedback linearization scheme219-232
M. ŁawryńczukEfficient nonlinear predictive control based on structured neural models233-246
D. Wang
S. Wu
S. Okubo
Design of the state predictive model following control system with time–delay247-254
T. KaczorekIndependence of asymptotic stability of positive 2D linear systems with delays of their delays255-261
T. Kaczorek
M. Busłowicz
Simple conditions for practical stability of positive fractional discrete–time linear systems263-269
K. JaniszowskiControl error dynamic modification as an efficient tool for reduction of effects introduced by actuator constraints271-279
D. HorlaOn directional change and anti-windup compensation in multivariable control systems281-289
E. Niewiadomska-Szynkiewicz
M. Marks
Optimization schemes for wireless sensor network localization291-302
K. Siwek
S. Osowski
R. Szupiluk
Ensemble neural network approach for accurate load forecasting in a power system303-315
J. Mikulik
M. Zajdel
Automatic risk control based on FSA methodology adaptation for safety assessment in intelligent buildings317-326
T. BarszczDecomposition of vibration signals into deterministic and nondeterministic components and its capabilities of fault detection and identification327-335
M. Brdyś
A. Borowa
P. Idźkowiak
M. Brdyś
Adaptive prediction of stock exchange indices by state space wavelet networks337-348
Z. TaborStatistical estimation of the dynamics of watershed dams349-360
B. G.-Tóth
V. Kreinovich
Verified methods for computing Pareto sets: general algorithmic analysis369-380
A. Rauh
M. Brill
C. Günther
A novel interval arithmetic approach for solving differential-algebraic equations with VALENCIA-IVP381-397
J. MerletInterval analysis for certified numerical solution of problems in robotics399-412
R. Pepy
M. Kieffer
E. Walter
Reliable robust path planning with application to mobile robots413-424
A. Rauh
J. Minisini
E. Hofer
Verification techniques for sensitivity analysis and design of controllers for nonlinear dynamic systems with uncertainties425-439
N. Dimitrova
M. Krastanov
Nonlinear stabilizing control of an uncertain bioprocess model441-454
E. Auer
W. Luther
Uses of new sensitivity and DAE solving methods in SMARTMOBILE for verified analysis of mechanical systems455-467
M. Tändl
T. Stark
N. Erol
F. Löer
A. Kecskeméthy
An object-oriented approach to simulating human gait motion based on motion tracking469-483
E. Hofer
M. Freihold
Derivation of physically motivated constraints for efficient interval simulations applied to the analysis of uncertain dynamical systems485-499
J. Enszer
M. Stadtherr
Verified solution method for population epidemiology models with uncertainty501-512
K. Tchoń
J. Karpińska
M. Janiak
Approximation of Jacobian inverse kinematics algorithms519-531
K. Kozłowski
M. Michałek
Motion planning and feedback control for a unicycle in a way point following task: the VFO approach533-545
D. Pazderski
M. Michałek
P. Dutkiewicz
M. Kiełczewski
Trajectory tracking for a mobile robot with skid-slip compensation in the Vector-Field-Orientation control system547-559
D. Szakiel
A. Mazur
On path following control of nonholonomic mobile manipulators561-574
P. SkrzypczyńskiSimultaneous Localization And Mapping: a feature-based probabilistic approach575-588
R. SakthivelControllability of nonlinear impulsive Ito type stochastic systems589-595
A. KowalewskiTime-optimal control of infinite order hyperbolic systems with time delays597-608
J. TokarzewskiZeros in linear systems with time delay in state609-617
R. Qi
M. Brdys
Indirect adaptive controller based on a self-structuring fuzzy system for nonlinear modeling and control619-630
Y. Tan
R. Dong
Q. Tan
Recursive identification algorithm for dynamic systems with output backlash and its convergence631-638
G. Zhai
J. Imae
S. Okuno
T. Kobayashi
A matrix inequality based design method for consensus problems in multi-agent systems639-646
R. Czerwiński
D. Kania
Synthesis of finite state machines for CLPDs647-659
R. KłosińskiThe steady-state impedance operator of a Linear Periodically Time-Varying one-port network and its determination661-673
J. Błazewicz
P. Formanowicz
P. Wojciechowski
Some remarks on evaluating the quality of the multiple sequence alignment based on the BAliBASE benchmark675-678
J. Gocławski
J. Sekulska-Nalewajko
E. Gajewska
M. Wielanek
An automatic segmentation method for scanned images of wheat root systems with dark discolourations679-689

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