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International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Tom 20

Zielona Góra 2010

Spis treści

P. Tatjewski
M. Ławryńczuk
Nonlinear predictive control based on neural multi-models7-21
K. PatanLocal stability conditions for discrete-time cascade locally recurrent neural networks23-34
A. Ligęza
G. Nalepa
The HeKatE methodology. Hybrid engineering of intelligent systems35-53
R. NowickiOn classification with missing data using rough-neuro-fuzzy systems55-67
P. Skrzypczyński
D. Belter
A biologically inspired approach to feasible gait learning for a hexapod robot69-84
T. Kaczorek
K. Rogowski
Positivity and stabilization of fractional 2D linear systems described by the Roesser model85-92
K. Twardowska
M. Pasławska-Południak
Ł. Nowak
On the convergence of the wavelet-Galerkin method for nonlinear filtering93-108
T. Collignon
M. Van Gijzen
Two implementations of the preconditioned conjugate gradient method on heterogeneous computing grids109-121
P. Kulczycki
M. Charytanowicz
A complete gradient clustering algorithm formed with kernel estimators123-134
E. ŚwierczClassification in the Gabor time-frequency domain of non-stationary signals embedded in heavy noise with unknown statistical distribution135-147
R. Tadeusiewicz
J. Śmietański
E. Łuczyńska
Texture analysis in perfusion images of prostate cancer - a case study149-156
O. Unold
M. Troć
Self-adaptation of parameters in a learning classifier system ensemble machine157-174
A. Yassine
S. Ploix
J. Flaus
A new efficient and flexible algorithm for the design of testable subsystems175-190
I. MrozekAnalysis of multibackground memory testing techniques191-205
K. WalkowiakAnycasting in connection-oriented computer networks: models, algorithms and results207-220
E. Zerrik
H. Bourray
S. Ben Hadid
Sensors and boundary state reconstruction of hyperbolic systems227-238
V. MaksimovOn one algorithm for solving the problem of source function reconstruction239-247
G. Zhai
X. Xu
A unified approach to stability analysis of switched linear descriptor systems under arbitrary switching249-259
B. Bandrowski
A. Karczewska
P. Rozmej
Numerical solutions to integral equations equivalent to differential equations with fractional time261-269
X. WuNonlinear controller design of a ship autopilot271-280
R. Baczyk
A. Kasiński
Visual simultaneous localisation and map–building supported by structured landmarks281-293
J. Kogut
H. Ciurej
A vehicle-track-soil dynamic interaction problem in sequential and parallel formulation295-303
L. Di Trapani
T. Inanc
NTGsim: a graphical user interface and a 3D simulator for nonlinear trajectory generation methodology305-316
K. Saeed
M. Tabędzki
M. Rybnik
M. Adamski
K3M: a universal algorithm for image skeletonization and a review of thinning techniques317-335
K. SimińskiRule weights in a neuro–fuzzy system with a hierarchical domain partition337-347
J. ClempnerA hierarchical decomposition of Decision Process Petri Nets for modeling complex systems349-366
D. Kania
A. Opara
Decomposition–based logic synthesis for PAL–based CPLDs367-384
J. Błażewicz
M. Kovalyov
J. Musiał
A. Urbański
A. Wojciechowski
Internet shopping optimization problem385-390
A. Piórkowski
J. Werewka
Minimization of the total completion time for asynchronous transmission in a packet data–transmission system391-400
K. Bucholc
K. Chmiel
A. Grocholewska-Czuryło
E. Idzikowska
I. Janicka-Lipska
J. Stokłosa
Scalable PP–1 block cipher401-411
L. Afifi
A. El Jai
E. Magri
Weak and exact domination in distributed systems419-426
Y. Qaraai
A. Bernoussi
Protector control: extension to a class of nonlinear distributed systems427-443
A. KhapalovSource localization and sensor placement in environmental monitoring445-458
D. Uciński
M. Patan
Sensor network design for the estimation of spatially distributed processes459-481
P. TatjewskiSupervisory predictive control and on–line set–point optimization483-495
Z. Xiang
R. Wang
Q. Chen
Fault tolerant control of switched nonlinear systems with time delay under asynchronous switching497-506
T. KaczorekSimilarity transformation of matrices to one common canonical form and its applications to 2D linear systems507-512
P. ŚliwińskiOn–line wavelet estimation of Hammerstein system nonlinearity513-523
P. KlęskProbabilities of discrepancy between minima of cross–validation, vapnik bounds and true risks525-544
Z. TaborSurrogate data: a novel approach to object detection545-553
M. Sikora
A. Gruca
Quality improvement of rule–based gene group descriptions using information about GO terms importance occurring in premises of determined rules555-570
T. Kryjak
M. Gorgoń
Parallel implementation of local thresholding in Mitrion–C571-580
M. Pietroń
P. Russek
K. Wiatr
Loop profiling tool for HPC code inspection as an efficient method of FPGA based acceleration581-589
Z. MannNumbering action vertices in workflow graphs591-600
M. Kouche
B. Ainseba
A mathematical model of HIV–1 infection including the saturation effect of healthy cell proliferation601-612
V. PuigFault diagnosis and fault tolerant control using set–membership approaches: Application to real case studies619-635
S. Tong
C. Liu
Y. Li
Robust adaptive fuzzy filters output feedback control of strict–feedback nonlinear systems637-653
. MuhafzanUse of semidefinite programming for solving the LQR problem subject to rectangular descriptor systems655-664
M. BusłowiczRobust stability of positive continuous–time linear systems with delays665-670
H. GóreckiAnalytic solution of transcendental equations671-677
A. Correia
J. Matias
P. Mestre
C. Serodio
Derivative–free nonlinear optimization filter simplex679-688
M. Morawski
A. Zajączkowski
Approach to the design of robust networked control systems689-698
S. HanUltra regular covering space and its automorphism group699-710
M. Emambakhsh
H. Ebrahimnezhad
M. Sedaaghi
Integrated region–based segmentation using color components and texture features with prior shape knowledge711-726
Y. Chang
J. Lee
O. Mohd Rijal
S. Syed Abu Bakar
Efficient online handwritten Chinese character recognition system using a two–dimensional functional relationship model727-738
R. GoldControl flow graphs and code coverage739-749
J. Bieganowski
A. Barkalov
L. Titarenko
Reduction in the number of LUT elements for control units with code sharing751-761
A. WieczorekMarkov chain model of phytoplankton dynamics763-771
K. FujarewiczPlanning identification experiments for cell signaling pathways: An NFκB case study773-780
J. ŚmiejaCoupled analytical and numerical approach to uncovering new regulatory mechanisms of intracellular processes781-788

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