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International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Tom 21

Zielona Góra 2011

Spis treści

A. Bădică
C. Bădică
FSP and FLTL framework for specification and verification of middle-agents9-25
J. Baumeister
J. Reutelshoefer
F. Puppe
Engineering intelligent systems on the knowledge formalization continuum27-39
J. Cañadas
J. Palma
S. Túnez
Defining the semantics of rule-based web applications through model-driven development41-55
I. Czarnowski
P. Jędrzejowicz
Application of agent-based simulated annealing and tabu search procedures to solving the data reduction problem57-68
A. Kozierkiewicz-Hetmańska
N. Nguyen
A method for learning scenario determination and modification in intelligent tutoring systems69-82
A. MeissnerExperimental analysis of some computation rules in a simple parallel reasoning system for the ALC description logic83-95
C. Xu
M. Liao
X. He
Stability and Hopf bifurcation analysis for a Lotka-Volterra predator-prey model with two delays97-107
A. Shumsky
A. Zhirabok
D. Berdjag
V. Cocquempot
C. Christophe
Algebraic approach for model decomposition: application to fault detection and isolation in discrete-event systems109-125
R. Sakthivel
R. Raja
S. Anthoni
H. Kim
Stability of impulsive Hopfield neural networks with Markovian switching and time-varying delays127-135
J. Pedro
O. Dahunsi
Neural network based feedback linearization control of a servo-hydraulic vehicle suspension system137-147
Ł. KorusSimple environment for developing methods of controlling chaos in spatially distributed systems149-159
K. Röbenack
K. Reinschke
On generalized inverses of singular matrix pencils161-172
T. TomczakHierarchical residue number systems with small moduli and simple converters173-192
D. Borys
K. Szczucka-Borys
K. Gorczewski
System matrix computation for iterative reconstruction algorithms in spect based on direct measurements193-202
M. Frąckiewicz
H. Palus
KHM clustering technique as a segmentation method for endoscopic colour images203-209
O. Terzo
L. Mossucca
M. Cucca
R. Notarpietro
Data intensive scientific analysis with grid computing219-228
A. Carpen-Amarie
A. Costan
J. Cai
G. Antoniu
L. Bougé
Bringing introspection into BlobSeer: Towards a self-adaptive distributed datamanagement system229-242
J. Kołodziej
F. Xhafa
Modern approaches to modeling user requirements on resource and task allocation in hierarchical computational grids243-257
M. Hall-May
M. Surridge
R. Nossal-Tüyeni
Resilient critical infrastructure management with a service oriented architecture: A test case using airport collaborative decision making259-274
H. González-Vélez
M. Kontagora
Performance evaluation of MapReduce using full virtualisation on a departmental cloud275-284
G. Di Modica
O. Tomarchio
L. Vita
Resource and service discovery in SOAs: A P2P oriented semantic approach285-294
F. López-FuentesP2P video streaming combining SVC and MDC295-306
S. Karthikeyan
K. Balachandran
Constrained controllability of nonlinear stochastic impulsive systems307-316
A. El Mouatasim
R. Ellaia
E. Souza de Cursi
Random perturbation of the projected variable metric method for nonsmooth nonconvex optimization problems with linear constraints317-329
K. Latawiec
W. Hunek
A study on new right/left inverses of nonsquare polynomial matrices331-348
A. Poznyak
J. Clempner
Convergence method, properties and computational complexity for Lyapunov games349-361
D. Belter
K. Walas
Supporting locomotive functions of a six-legged walking robot363-377
T. KaczorekSingular fractional linear systems and electrical circuits379-384
D. Zydek
H. Selvaraj
G. Borowik
T. Łuba
Energy characteristic of a processor allocator and a network-on-chip385-399
A. Barkalov
R. Wiśniewski
L. Titarenko
W. Halang
Design of microprogrammed controllers to be implemented in FPGAs401-412
W. Chen
A. Khan
M. Abid
S. Ding
Integrated design of observer based fault detection for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems423-430
P. Weber
D. Theilliol
A. Khelassi
Reconfigurability analysis for reliable fault-tolerant control design431-439
M. Bonfè
P. Castaldi
N. Mimmo
S. Simani
Active fault tolerant control of nonlinear systems: The cart-pole example441-455
C. Aubrun
B. Boussaid
M. Abdelkrim
M. Ben Gayed
Performance evaluation based fault tolerant control with actuator saturation avoidance457-466
M. Blanke
S. Fang
Fault monitoring and fault recovery control for position-moored vessels467-478
K. Dettmann
D. Söffker
Adaptive modeling of reliability properties for control and supervision purposes479-486
P. HildA sign preserving mixed finite element approximation for contact problems487-498
E. Zerrik
H. Bourray
K. Ztot
Regional control problem for distributed bilinear systems: Approach and simulations499-508
J. Guillet
B. Mourllion
A. Birouche
M. Basset
Extracting second-order structures from single-input state-spacemodels: Application to model order reduction509-519
T. KaczorekNew stability conditions for positive continuous-discrete 2D linear systems521-524
I. Dulęba
J. Jagodziński
Motion representations for the Lafferriere–Sussmann algorithm for nilpotent control systems525-534
H. Saeedi
N. Mollahasani
M. Mohseni Moghadam
G. Chuev
An operational Haar wavelet method for solving fractional Volterra integral equations535-547
Y. Shin
C. Park
Analysis of correlation based dimension reduction methods549-558
A. Styrcz
J. Mrozek
G. Mazur
A neural-network controlled dynamic evolutionary scheme for global molecular geometry optimization559-566
A. Chydziński
Ł. Chróst
Analysis of AQM queues with queue size based packet dropping567-577
J. Li
J. Li
Z. Xia
Delay-dependent generalized H2 control for discrete T–S fuzzy large-scale stochastic systems with mixed delays585-603
C. Mnasri
M. Gasmi
LMI-based adaptive fuzzy integral sliding mode control of mismatched uncertain systems605-615
S. Tong
G. Yang
W. Zhang
Observer-based fault-tolerant control against sensor failures for fuzzy systems with time delays617-627
J. Ragot
K. Khémiri
F. Ben Hmida
M. Gossa
Novel optimal recursive filter for state and fault estimation of linear stochastic systems with unknown disturbances629-637
D. Theilliol
C. Aubrun
V. Cocquempot
J. Georges
J. Ponsart
Fault tolerance in networked control systems under intermittent observations639-648
Q. Zhang
L. Yang
D. Liao
Existence and exponential stability of a periodic solution for fuzzy cellular neural networkswith time-varying delays649-658
J. Błaszczyk
W. Szynkiewicz
Optimization-based approach to path planning for closed chain robot systems659-670
Z. Kowalczuk
M. Czubenko
Intelligent decision-making system for autonomous robots671-684
T. MahmoudAdaptive control scheme based on the least squares support vector machine network685-696
T. KaczorekPositive stable realizations of fractional continuous-time linear systems697-702
T. Barszcz
P. Czop
Estimation of feedwater heater parameters based on a grey-box approach703-715
K. Krawiec
W. Jaśkowski
M. Szubert
Evolving small-board Go players using coevolutionary temporal difference learning with archives717-731
M. Arangú
M. Salido
A fine-grained arc-consistency algorithm for non-normalized constraint satisfaction problems733-744
C. Aswani KumarKnowledge discovery in data using formal concept analysis and random projections745-756
K. Gdawiec
D. Domańska
Partitioned iterated function systems with division and a fractal dependence graph in recognition of 2D shapes757-767
V. PrasathA well-posed multiscale regularization scheme for digital image denoising769-777

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