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International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computer Science

Tom 22

Zielona Góra 2012

Spis treści

D. Sauter
H. Jamouli
M. el Hail
A mixed active and passive GLR test for a fault tolerant control system9-23
D. UcińskiSensor network scheduling for identification of spatially distributed processes25-40
F. Yang
S. Shah
D. Xiao
Signed directed graph based modeling and its validation from process knowledge and process data41-53
M. Ungermann
J. Lunze
D. Schwarzmann
Test signal generation for service diagnosis based on local structural properties55-65
H. NiemannAmodel-based approach to fault-tolerant control67-86
V. Cocquempot
H. Yang
B. Jiang
L. Lu
Supervisory fault tolerant controlwith integrated fault detection and isolation: A switched system approach87-97
X. OliveFDI(R) for satellites: How to deal with high availability and robustness in the space domain?99-107
C. Edwards
H. Alwi
C. Tan
Sliding mode methods for fault detection and fault tolerant control with application to aerospace systems109-124
D. Sauter
J. Yamé
T. Jain
Model-free reconfiguration mechanism for fault tolerance125-137
P. Weber
D. Theilliol
C. Aubrun
A. Khelassi
B. Boussaid
Reconfigurable control design with integration of a reference governor and reliability indicators139-148
R. Patton
L. Chen
S. Klinkhieo
An LPV pole-placement approach to friction compensation as an FTC problem149-160
M. Witczak
V. Puig
S. Montes de Oca
Ł. Dziekan
Fault-tolerant control strategy for actuator faults using LPV techniques: application to a two degree of freedom helicopter161-171
J. Bokor
Z. Szabó
P. Gáspár
LPV design of fault-tolerant control for road vehicles173-182
B. Jiang
D. Xu
P. Shi
Nonlinear actuator fault estimation observer: An inverse system approach via a T-S fuzzy model183-196
J. Ragot
D. Maquin
D. Ichalal
B. Marx
New fault tolerant control strategies for nonlinear Takagi-Sugeno systems197-210
A. Yetendje
M. Seron
J. de Doná
Robust multisensor fault tolerant model-following MPC design for constrained systems211-223
K. Patan
J. Korbicz
Nonlinear model predictive control of a boiler unit: A fault tolerant control study225-237
Z. EmirsajłowInfinite-dimensional Sylvester equations: Basic theory and application to observer design245-257
P. Mitkowski
W. Mitkowski
Ergodic theory approach to chaos: Remarks and computational aspects259-267
A. MyślińskiTopology optimization of quasistatic contact problems269-280
E. Niewiadomska-SzynkiewiczLocalization in wireless sensor networks: Classification and evaluation of techniques281-297
M. PatanDistributed scheduling of sensor networks for identification of spatio-temporal processes299-311
E. Rafajłowicz
K. Styczeń
W. Rafajłowicz
A modified filter SQP method as a tool for optimal control of nonlinear systems with spatio-temporal dynamics313-326
J. DudaA Lyapunov functional for a system with a time-varying delay327-337
P. Balasubramaniam
S. Lakshmanan
R. Rakkiyappan
LMI optimization problem of delay-dependent robust stability criteria for stochastic systems with polytopic and linear fractional uncertainties339-351
E. MostafaAn SQP trust region method for solving the discrete-time linear quadratic problem353-363
K. ZatwarnickiAdaptive control of cluster-based Web systems using neuro-fuzzy models365-377
W. Byrski
J. Byrski
The role of parameter constraints in EE and OE methods for optimal identification of continuous LTI models379-388
T. KaczorekExistence and determination of the set of Metzler matrices for given stable polynomials389-399
M. Busłowicz
A. Ruszewski
Computer methods for stability analysis of the Roesser type model of 2D continuous-discrete linear systems401-407
A. Santana
A. Medeiros
Straight-lines modelling using planar information for monocular SLAM409-421
J. Stępień
A. Polański
K. Wojciechowski
A general on-the-fly algorithm for modifying the kinematic tree hierarchy423-435
W. Kasprzak
A. Wilkowski
K. Czapnik
Hand gesture recognition based on free-form contours and probabilistic inference437-448
M. HukBackpropagation generalized delta rule for the selective attention Sigma-if artificial neural network449-459
K. SimińskiNeuro-rough-fuzzy approach for regression modelling from missing data461-476
M. Sikora
B. Sikora
Improving prediction models applied in systems monitoring natural hazards and machinery477-491
P. Gawron
J. Klamka
R. Winiarczyk
Noise effects in the quantum search algorithm from the viewpoin of computational complexity493-499

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