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Control and Cybernetics

Tom 32

Warszawa 2003

Spis treści

. Contents445-446
J. GutenbaumPreface to the Special Issue447-449
W. AltApproximation of optimal control problems with bound constraints by control parameterization451-472
I. Lasiecka
G. Avalos
Mechanical and thermal null controllability of thermoelastic plates and singularity of the associated mimimal energy function473-490
E. BednarczukOrder-Lipschitzian properties of multifunctions with applications to stability of efficient points491-502
J. Sokołowski
M. Dambrine
A. Żochowski
On stability analysis in shape optimization: critical shapes for Neumann poblem503-528
A. DontchevRobinson's implicit function theorem529-541
A. IoffeOn robustness of the regularity property of maps543-554
N. Osmolovskii
H. Maurer
Second order conditions for bang-bang control problems555-584
B. Mordukhovich
L. Wang
Optimal control of constrained delay-differential inclusions with multivalued initial conditions585-609
A. MyślińskiShape optimization of thermoviscoelastic contact problems611-627
W. Zajączkowski
I. Pawłow
On diffused-interface models of shape memory alloys629-658
M. Preiss
J. Stoer
Methods for solving semidefinite linear complementarity problems659-670
S. RolewiczOn σ-porous and Φ-angle-small sets in metric spaces671-681
T. Roubiček
F. Tröltzsch
Lipschitz stability of optimal controls for the steady-state Navier-Stokes equations683-705
. Contents709-710
J. PenotRotundity, smoothness and duality711-733
Y. SunThe eigenvalue derivatives of linear damped systems735-741
S. PanThe order reduction and robust D-stability analysis of discrete uncertain time-delay systems by time-scale separation743-760
P. SuchomskiNumerically robust synthesis of discrete-time H∞ estimators based on dual J-lossless factorizations761-802
T. TerlikowskiReachable sets concept - a general abstract analysis803-817
Z. Nowak
A. Stachurski
Modelling and identification of voids nucleation and growth effects in porous media plastic flow819-849
P. Skrzypczyński
G. Brzykcy
J. Martinek
A. Meissner
Control aspects of the blackboard agent architecture for a mobile robot851-866
T. Banek
R. Kulikowski
Information pricing for portfolio optimization867-882
M. KałuszkaMean-variance optimal local reinsurance contracts883-896
P. NowakBook review: Handbook of Brownian Motion - Facts and Formulae. Second Edition by A.N. Borodin, P. Salminen897-899
. Table of contents of volume 32 (2003)901-903
. Alphabetical list of contributors of volume 32 (2003)905-907
. The list of volume's referees909-911

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