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Control and Cybernetics

Tom 33

Warszawa 2004

Spis treści

. Contents3-4
L. Berrone
P. Mannucci
Asymptotic behaviour to a heat equation with a delayed control in the source term5-32
L. LevaggiHigh-gain feedback and sliding modes in infinite dimensional systems33-50
A. CzornikAdaptive control for a jump linear system with quadratic cost51-69
L. WangRobust performance of a class of control systems71-83
V. Rumchev
J. Adeane
Reachability and controllability of time-variant discrete-time positive linear systems85-94
S. Chen
J. Lin
Maximal stability bounds of discrete-time singularly perturbed systems95-108
S. BiałasA sufficient condition for Hurwitz stability of the convex combination of two matrices109-112
B. Aghezzaf
K. Khazafi
Sufficient conditions and duality for multiobjective variational problems with generalized B-invexity113-126
V. Emelichev
N. Krichko
Y. Nikulin
The stability radius of an efficient solution in minimax Boolean programming problem127-132
J. Błażewicz
E. Burke
M. Jaroszewski
M. Kasprzak
B. Paliswiat
P. Pryputniewicz
On the complexity of the Double Digest Problem133-140
J. Zhang
B. Pham
P. Chen
A fuzzy shape database to support conceptual design141-172
D. GątarekBook review: "Mathematical Finance and Probability. A Discrete Introduction" by P. Koch Medina, S. Merino173-174
V. KomornikBook review: "Control and Estimation of Distributed Parameter Systems" by W. Desch, F. Kappel and K. Kunisch,175-178
. Contents179-180
Z. NaniewiczSensitivity of optimal solutions to control problems for systems described by hemivariational inequalities181-210
Z. Denkowski
S. Migórski
Sensitivity of optimal solutions to control problems for systems described by hemivariational inequalities211-236
F. Araruna
G. Antunes
L. Medeiros
Exact controllability for the semilinear string equation in non cylindrical domains237-257
I. Ginchev
A. Guerraggio
M. Rocca
C1,1 vector optimization problems and Riemann derivatives259-273
H. GóreckiA new method for analytic determination of extremum of the transients in linear systems275-295
P. Kulczycki
R. Wiśniewski
Euler-Poincaré reduction of externally forced rigid body motion297-310
L. WangHybrid modelling and performance evaluation of switched discrete-event systems311-321
D. ViattcheninA new heuristic algorithm of fuzzy clustering323-340
S. DeniziakCost-efficient synthesis of multiprocessor heterogeneous systems341-355
M. GajerThe implementation of the example-based machine translation technique for Norwegian-to-Polish automatic translation system357-386
P. SzynkarczykAdaptive behavior of autonomous mobile systems with new action selection problem solution387-420
. Contents423-423
I. KaliszewskiPreface to the Special Issue425-426
W. Ogryczak
A. Wierzbicki
Multi-criteria bandwidth allocation427-448
L. KruśA multicriteria approach to cooperation in the case of innovative activity449-462
M. NowakInteractive approach based on stochastic dominance463-476
I. Kaliszewski
S. Zionts
Generalization of the Zionts-Wallenius algorithm477-500
D. KuchtaRobust goal programming501-510
M. Libura
Y. Nikulin
Stability and accuracy functions in multicriteria combinatorial optimization511-524
O. Hryniewicz
P. Kulczycki
Book review: "Medical Image Understanding Technology" by R. Tadeusiewicz, M.R. Ogiela525-526
I. PawłowBook review: "A Stability Technique for Evolution Partial Differential Equations" by V.A. Galaktionov, J. L. Vázques527-528
A. MyślińskiBook review: "A Handbook of Real Variables" by S.G. Krantz529-529
. Contents533-534
M. El Bagdouri
B. Cébron
M. Sechilariu
J. Burger
Variational formalism applied to control of autonomous switching systems535-549
Z. GePole assignment by feedback control of the second order coupled singular distributed parameter systems551-562
W. MitkowskiAnalysis of undamped second order systems with dynamic feedback563-572
P. Kulczycki
R. Wisniewski
P. Kowalski
K. Krawiec
Hard and soft sub-time-optimal controllers for a mechanical system with uncertain mass573-587
S. BiałasA necessary and sufficient condition for stability of the convex combination of polynomials589-597
A. ŽilinskasHybrid search for optimum in a small implicitly defined region599-609
M. Kordos
W. Duch
A survey of factors influencing MLP error surface611-631
S. Li
C. Hu
C. Teng
A generalized varying-domain optimization method for fuzzy goal programming with priorities based on a genetic algorithm633-652
I. Aliev
Z. Kara
Fuzzy system reliability analysis653-662
P. PorwikEfficient spectral method of identification of linear Boolean function663-678
J. Sosnowski
P. Gawkowski
A. Lesiak
Fault injection stress strategies in dependability analysis679-699
A. DonigiewiczApplication of Markov chains to quality evaluation of information entering by a computer system user701-715
. Table of contents of volume 33 (2004)717-719
. Alphabetical list of contributors of volume 33 (2004)721-722
. The list of volume's referees723-724

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