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Control and Cybernetics

Tom 34

Warszawa 2005

Spis treści

. Contents3-4
J. Sokołowski
T. Lewiński
Preface to Special Issue5-6
M. Bendsøe
E. Lund
N. Olhoff
O. Sigmund
Topology optimization - broadening the areas of application7-35
J. Sokołowski
A. Henrot
Mathematical challenges in shape optimization37-57
G. Allaire
F. de Gournay
F. Jouve
A. Toader
Structural optimization using topological and shape sensitivity via a level set method59-80
S. Amstutz
I. Horchani
M. Masmoudi
Crack detection by the topological gradient method81-101
D. BucurHow to prove existence in shape optimization103-116
M. Dambrine
G. Vial
Influence of a boundary perforation on the Dirichlet energy117-136
M. Delfour
J. Zolésio
Shape identification via metrics constructed from the oriented distance function137-164
J. Zolésio
J. Désidéri
Inverse shape optimization problems and application to airfoils165-202
K. Eppler
H. Harbrecht
A regularized Newton method in electrical impedance tomography using shape Hessian information203-225
T. Lewiński
C. Graczykowski
The lightest plane structures of a bounded stress level transmitting a point load to a circular support227-253
X. Guo
K. Zhao
M. Wang
A new approach for simultaneous shape and topology optimization based on dynamic implicit surface function255-282
J. Haslinger
J. Málek
J. Stebel
A new approach for simultaneous shape and topology optimization based on dynamic implicit surface function283-303
M. HinterműllerFast level set based algorithms using shape and topological sensitivity information305-324
W. Horn
J. Sokołowski
A model for passive damping of a membrane325-337
A. Novotny
R. Feijóo
C. Padra
E. Taroco
Topological derivative for linear elastic plate bending problems339-361
J. RocheAdaptive Newton-like method for shape optimization363-377
. Contents381-382
. In Memory of Professor Anatol Gosiewski383-385
D. WachsmuthRegularity and stability of optimal controls of nonstationary Navier-Stokes equations387-409
T. KaczorekReachability and minimum energy control of positive 2D systems with delays411-423
I. ChryssoverghiApproximate gradient projection method with general Runge-Kutta schemes and piecewise polynomial controls for optimal control problems425-451
K. LatawiecControl zeros and maximum-accuracy/maximum-speed control of LTI MIMO discrete-time systems453-475
J. KowyniaAn algorithm for checking Hurwitz stability of K-symmetrizable interval matrices477-486
M. Tlas
B. Abdul Ghani
A logarithmic barrier function method for solving nonlinear multiobjective programming problems487-504
A. PiegatOn practical problems with the explanation of the difference between possibility and probability505-524
J. StańczakOptimal control of multistage deterministic, stochastic and fuzzy processes in the fuzzy environment via an evolutionary algorithm525-552
R. Abu-Zitar
A. Al-Fahed Nuseirat
A rule based machine learning approach to the nonlinear multifingered robot gripper problem553-573
S. Minkevičius
S. Steišŭnas
On global maxima in multiphase queues575-588
K. WorwaA discrete-time software reliability-growth model and its application for predicting the number of errors encountered during program testing589-606
J. Allwright
R. Vinter
Second order conditions for periodic optimal control problems617-643
Z. ArtsteinBang-bang controls in the singular perturbations limit645-663
I. Lasiecka
V. Barbu
M. Rammaha
Existence and uniqueness of solutions to wave equations with nonlinear degenerate damping and source terms665-687
A. Caetano
A. Sarychev
D. Seabra
Two-dimensional stable Lavrentiev phenomenon with and without boundary conditions689-707
F. ClarkeThe maximum principle in optimal control, then and now709-722
A. DmitrukOn a nonlocal metric regularity of nonlinear operators723-746
L. DrużkowskiOn the global asymptotic stability problem and the Jacobian conjecture747-762
U. FelgenhauerOptimality properties of controls with bang-bang components in problems with semilinear state equation763-785
H. FrankowskaOptimal synthesis via superdifferentials of value function787-803
A. IoffeOn necessary conditions in variable end-time optimal control problems805-817
B. Jakubczyk
W. Respondek
Phase portraits of planar control-affine systems819-847
B. Mordukhovich
D. Wang
Optimal control of semilinear evolution inclusions via discrete approximations849-870
J. Penot
K. Nachi
Inversion of multifunctions and differential inclusions871-901
J. Sokołowski
S. Nazarov
Self-adjoint extensions of differential operators and exterior topological derivatives in shape optimization903-925
N. Osmolovskii
H. Maurer
Equivalence of second order optimality conditions for bang-bang control problems. Part 1: Main results927-950
S. RolewiczParaconvex analysis951-965
V. VeliovError analysis of discrete approximations to bang-bang optimal control problems: the linear case967-982
. Contents985-986
D. BorsSuperlinear elliptic systems with distributed and boundary controls987-1004
I. Pawłow
E. Bartkowiak
The Cahn-Hilliard-Gurtin system coupled with elasticity1005-1043
Y. SunLess conservative results for the exponential stability of uncertain time-delay systems1045-1055
H. Bolandi
A. Ehyaei
S. Esmaeilzadeh
Design of a novel control algorithm for a 6 D.O.F. mobile manipulator based on a robust observer1057-1074
J. HalawaDetermining the settings of PI and PID controllers with a convergent method using computer aided design1075-1091
J. Mielniczuk
P. Wojdyłło
Wavelets for time series analysis - a survey and new results1093-1125
P. Kulczycki
A. Mazgaj
An algorithm for Bayes parameter identification with quadratic asymmetrical loss function1127-1148
P. Kulczycki
J. Waglowski
On the application of statistical kernel estimators for the demand-based design of a wireless data transmission system1149-1167
L. CiupalǎA scaling out-of-kilter algorithm for minimum cost flow1169-1174
L. KnopikSome results on the ageing class1175-1180
J. StańczakBook review: "Evolutionary Computation in Data Mining" by A. Ghosh, L.C. Jain1181-1183
. Table of contents of volume 34 (2005)1185-1188
. Alphabetical list of contributors of volume 34 (2005)1189-1191
. The list of volume's referees1193-1195

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