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Control and Cybernetics

Tom 35

Warszawa 2006

Spis treści

. Foreword to the special issue on "Novel appoaches and soft methodologies in Geographic Information Systems: a Decision Support perspective”5-7
P. KeenanSpatial Decision Support Systems: A coming of age9-27
R. Ladner
F. Petry
E. Warner
K. Gupta
Using Web Services to enhance Geographic Information Systems29-46
J. Horak
J. Unucka
J. Stromsky
V. Marsik
A. Orlik
TRANSCAT DSS architecture and modelling services47-71
A. Schmitz
A. Morris
Modeling and manipulating fuzzy regions: strategies to define the topological relation between two fuzzy regions73-95
N. Van De Weghe
A. Cohn
G. De Tré
P. De Maeyer
A qualitative trajectory calculus as a basis for representing moving objects in Geographical Information Systems97-119
P. Gorsevski
P. Jankowski
P. Gessler
An heuristic approach for mapping landslide hazard integrating fuzzy logic with analytic hierarchy process121-146
G. De Tré
J. Verstraete
A. Hallez
Bitmap based structures for the modeling of fuzzy entities147-164
A. Morris
G. Vert
J. Heaton
Decision support based methods to facilitate 3D volumetric locking in a new peer to peer based spatial database system165-194
. Contents195-195
A. NiederlińskiProfessor Zdzisław Bubnicki in my memory197-201
. Contents203-204
P. Fulmański
A. Nowakowski
Dual dynamic approach to shape optimization205-218
J. Lovíšek
J. Králik
Optimal control for elasto-orthotropic plate219-278
T. Banek
E. Kozłowski
Adaptive control of system entropy279-289
J. ChenStability criteria for large-scale time-delay systems: the LMI approach and the Genetic Algorithms291-301
J. RoyLearning in games with bounded memory303-333
M. Kałuszka
A. Kondratiuk-Janyska
Assets/liabilities portfolio immunization as an optimization problem335-349
P. HolnickiOn the real-time emission control - case study application351-367
L. KlukowskiTests for relation type - equivalence or tolerance - in a finite set of elements369-384
R. Kalicka
D. Bochen
A new OSS design based on parameter sensitivity to changes in measurements385-406
L. KnopikCharacterization of a class of lifetime distributions407-414
A. Niewiadomski
J. Ochelska
P. Szczepaniak
Interval-valued linguistic summaries of databases415-443
W. Brauers
E. Zavadskas
The MOORA method and its application to privatization in a transition economy445-469
L. Ustinovichius
V. Podvezko
R. Ginevicius
A method of determining risk zones of investment in real estate471-486
Y. UemuraFuzzy satisfactory evaluation method for covering the ability comparison in the context of DEA efficiency487-495
K. MalanowskiBook review: "Variational analysis and generalized differentiation. I Basic Theory, II Applications"497-499
A. MyślińskiBook review: "Variational Methods in Shape Optimization Problems"501-503
D. DąbrowskaBook review: "Approximation Theory from Taylor Polynomials to Wavelets"505-505
A. Lew
M. Sniedovich
. Content511-512
A. Lew
M. Sniedovich
Dynamic Programming: an overview513-533
J. Hartman
T. Perry
Approximating the solution of a dynamic, stochastic multiple knapsack problem535-550
M. Sniedovich
S. Voss
The corridor method: a dynamic programming inspired metaheuristic551-578
C. Wilbaut
S. Hanafi
A. Fréville
S. Balev
Tabu search: global intensification using dynamic programming579-598
M. SniedovichDijkstra's algorithm revisited: the dynamic programming connexion599-620
A. LewCanonical greedy algorithms and dynamic programming621-643
A. PiunovskiyDynamic programming in constrained Markov decision processes645-660
A. Tereso
J. Mota
R. Lameiro
Adaptive resource allocation to stochastic multimodal projects: a distributed platform implementation in Java661-686
H. MauchDP2PN2Solver: A flexible dynamic programming solver software tool687-702
M. WernerA timed Petri net framework to find optimal IRIS schedules703-719
L. Popova-ZeugmannTime Petri nets state space reduction using dynamic programming721-748
L. KlukowskiBook review: "Advances in Ranking and Selection, Multiple Comparisons, and reliability: Methodology and Applications" by N. Balakrishnan, N. Kannan, and H.N. Nagaraja, eds.749-756
P. NowakBook review: "Statistical Data Analysis Based on the L1-Norm and Related Methods" by Ydolah Dodge, ed.757-760
I. PawłowBook review: "Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations with Applications" by Tomáš Roubiček761-761
Z. Bartosiewicz
E. Girejko
. Contents767-768
Z. Bartosiewicz
E. Pawłuszewicz
Realizations of linear control systems on time scales769-786
P. BettiolA deterministic approach to the Skorokhod problem787-802
A. Dawidowicz
A. Poskrobko
On asymptotic behaviour of the dynamical systems generated by von Foerster-Lasota equations803-813
Z. Bartosiewicz
E. Girejko
Viability and generalized differential quotients815-829
P. Gouveia
D. Torres
E. Rocha
Symbolic computation of variational symmetries in optimal control831-849
D. Janczak
Y. Grishin
State estimation of linear dynamic system with unknown input and uncertain observation using dynamic programming851-862
J. JordanDiscrete-time control systems on homogeneous spaces: partition property863-871
A. MalinowskaNonessential objective functions in linear multiobjective optimization problems873-880
C. MoreiraSingularities of the stationary domain for polydynamical systems881-886
Z. Bartosiewicz
D. Mozyrska
Dualities for linear control differential systems with infinite matrices887-904
T. Mullari
Ű. Kotta
S. Nŏmm
M. Tŏnso
Realization of nonlinear composite systems905-921
C. Prieur
E. Trélat
Hybrid robust stabilization in the Martinet case923-945
D. Torres
E. Rocha
Quadratures of Pontryagin extremals for optimal control problems947-963
D. Torres
C. Silva
Two-dimensional Newton's problem of minimal resistance965-975
M. WyrwasMultiobservers and their application to output stabilization977-995
Z. Zaczkiewicz
V. Marchenko
Observability of small solutions of linear differential-algebraic systems with delays997-1013
. Table of contents of volume 35 (2006)1015-1018
. Alphabetical list of contributors of volume 35 (2006)1019-1021
. The list of volume's referees1023-1025

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